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    Apex Framework

    You can use EXTDB3 extension by Torndeco located https://bitbucket.org/torndeco/extdb3/wiki/Home Quiksilver had an implementation of it on his server before he released the framework to the public ... hence if you dig into the sqf files you will see some references to "database stuff goes here". You will need to be able to have a flavor of SQL server available, able to make queries, and know where to insert the code into the sqf files. QS used it for CAS whitelisting and Area 51 access. The nice thing about using the DB backend is that it allowed folks to get whitelisted quite a bit faster and more "on the fly" than the built in method. You could simply change the database, ask the player to log off and back in again .. BOOM access granted. Instead of having to wait for server restarts / manually restarting the server to make those kind of changes. It is like using mods with the framework ... yes, you can do it ... but the official framework doesn't support it natively because (in my opinion only) having a framework that requires an outside dependency is just too much work for one person. Not only do they have to rely on the mod being updated in a timely fashion after patches, but they also have their own stuff to work on and get ready for Patch Better to focus on one thing, do it well, and move on. ~M~