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    [SP/MP] Dynamic ISIS War System 1.80

    Thanks for your heal anyways I will try opex. Please keep me updated with tour new version I would love to test it out for you . Thanks
  2. Nonameboy420

    [SP/MP] Dynamic ISIS War System 1.80

    Hey me and my friend have been running your mod and it's absolutely addicting. We have a problem now . We cannot load saved games for some reason. I host a server by host match then I pick internet , I check the upnp box put a password up , then my friend joins. We have saved multiple times throughout the game via the rest/save or the sitrep menu. When we go to load the game , it says resume so I click it and my friend can join but we both get frozen on the map loading screen then we have to ctrl alt delete. I hate having to start over , I have tried this 3 times but I dont get it. Please help. Thanks.