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  1. THIS is all I have to say about VRS. Just kidding. :rolleyes: In other words, big heavy aircraft shouldn't really worry about VRS that much. A little bird (Provided measurements are accurate) needs to descend at about 1600 FPM to enter VRS; Whereas a Ghost hawk (Assuming the rotor diameter and weight are the same as a normal blackhawk with minimal crew) needs to descend around 2300 FPM. The rate of descent required to enter VRS gets higher as aircraft weight increases and rotor diameter decreases.
  2. The new helicopters, well the helicopters that aren't the Ghost hawk at least, are really weak in doing roll-on landings. I can come in at 70kph and detonate, which is no bueno.
  3. None of that should be an issue, you should be able to recognize and react to a griefer turning your engines off with no issue. Co-pilot pops all your flares cause he's a tard then don't fly over the AO with a known missile threat, use masking and terrain flight to get you from A to B. Granted, landing gear being retracted at the last second would be a tough pill to swallow; but at the end of the day, ArmA is just a game. I think BIS should allow the Co-pilot to have more control over things and/or allow the Pilot to deny the Co-pilot's "button privileges". 1. Its realistic and 2. it allows for more cooperative play. Don't disallow things because people may abuse them, people will abuse everything. If not retracting your landing gear on approach, it'll be shooting your engines out from the ground.
  4. b00ce

    Sling Loading Feedback

    The slingload capacity is just the weight the hook is rated to carry. The aircraft may or may not be able to carry that much. I'm not a hooker, so I couldn't tell you exactly how much one could carry.
  5. I wish so badly we could have realistic NVGs... :(
  6. He can make whatever he wants. If he wants to make a 9001x9001 map, that's his prerogative.
  7. Made some progress on the door/gunner's window track fairing and also the upturned exhaust.
  8. ^ Agreed ^ The thing with RTD is that the physics are engine level and each vehicle has only the performance properties like torque, RPM, blade properties, stabilizers etc. If they get the physics right in the engine, the helicopters should fall in line (In theory, provided they are config'd properly). On a semi-related note; I'm curious how the blade, fuselage and wing/stabilizer lift and drag coefficients are supposed to work and be calculated...
  9. The BIS devs need to read chapter 1 of FM 3-04.203 before doing anything else with the RTD.
  10. The only problem with this is 9 times out of nine you either have an engine or you don't. The only thing that could possibly limit power is either a faulty valve or the power control lever/linkage gets stuck and then it is stuck at one setting; in which case you would shut the effected engine down...
  11. I don't know if this was from the last patch, but I just noticed that with the normal helicopter FM when you increase collective rotor RPM increases and the transmission whine gets louder and when you drop collective blades slow down and transmission whine gets quieter. This is exactly the opposite of what should happen.
  12. Managed to get a little work done today, despite starting to play Alien: Isolation(I'll be honest, it was just to relax my nerves so I could continue playing the game.), and made a stabilator! Yay.
  13. Haven't touched the Huey in a while, I need to get some measurements from across the street at some point. Been almost a month since I've even opened up my projects. As for the backup, I think I have it defaulted.
  14. Some more progress. Just about back to where I was when my old iteration got corrupted. I'm a lot more comfortable with how things are turning out this go around.
  15. Interesting, good to know.
  16. In the RTD config, you have Max continuous, take off and emergency torque limits. For the 60M I'm making, I set continuous to the torque 120% would be, takeoff was whatever I did the math for (like 1000 feet MSL @ ~30degC and 16,000 lbs or something) and emergency was 144%. I had to do a lot of math to get the torque numbers, but I got them and they're accurate.
  17. Anything up to and including 100% should be no issue, that's why it's 100% and not 110%. ;) My helicopter can handle 120% Tq continuously with no ill effects. Bear in mind that the "limitations" listed for any given aircraft are not the if "you do this you will die" numbers; kind of a reverse Factor of Safety.
  18. Only 90% for 5 minutes? With this information from RTD, is it possible to remove individual blades and have the aircraft act accordingly?
  19. If you go above a certain amount, you have to replace the whole transmission and send it to the depot for an inspection. Not that you actually broke anything, its just a precaution. Rotor RPM is pretty tolerant. Above a certain % RPM you have to do a bunch of inspections when you return to base, but by no means is your rotor head going to fly off. In the grand scheme of things, as far as ArmA is concerned, it doesn't really matter. Can't really do all those inspections in ArmA and the time scale doesn't really allow for it either. No sense dead-lining an aircraft when any given game lasts 2 or 3 hours at most; half a normal real life mission. I can do it in DCS huey with only keyboard...
  20. For those who care, that's just over 11,700 Ft. lbs of torque and probably somewhere around 22,000 lbs of lift (Depends on temperature, altitude, etc.). So in other words, ArmA helicopters are still suffering from the same over fragility they always have.
  21. nm8iV_uiBsI Like Rob (And I) said, it has to do with the semi-rigid/Teeter-totter rotor system. and rotor systems (The ones in game at the moment) do not have this issue.
  22. Not in the real life. You'll damage the transmission long before you do anything to the rotor system. Additionally, you'll never damage the tail rotor without hitting anything.
  23. Judging by your video, the view distance is too short. And realistically speaking the prime limiting factor with the view distance is what range the NVG is focused to. A better option would be to set the Depth of Field to a certain range, or even better be able to adjust it. As someone who uses NVGs regularly (ANVIS-6) I can see for miles and miles, but the interior of the aircraft and the area immediately surrounding it are blurry (And if I set the focus inside, the opposite is true). I don't know how feasible this is though. Some other notes, about NVGs in general in ArmA, are that the field of view is WAY too large to be realistic and I wish so very badly there was an NVG overlay that allowed you to use normal vision around the edges, like DCS. Took this the other day. The weather was kinda crappy so visibility isn't the greatest. You can see hangar lights that are over a mile away and barely make out the mountain that's 7 miles out. http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u125/booce/IMAG00181.jpg
  24. Agreed. There's not much you're going to be able to do to the rotor system, unless its a semi-rigid/teeter-totter system, that will cause a catastrophic separation. The option should be available for certain helicopters (None of which are in ArmA3 at present), but it should be tied to " ". The most damage you'll do to the aircraft, in normal flight at least, is over torquing the main transmission/engines. But we would need actual indicators for the status of the torque applied to the transmission and/or XMSN temperature.Is it possible to pull information from the RTM.xml file (<TorqueLimits maximumContinuous="11039.9" takeoff="13247.9" emergency="15897.5" />) for use in instruments? If not, what about from a config.cpp?
  25. I waited to pass judgement on this "feature" until I actually got to try it. So I did. Its horribly inaccurate. The only helicopters where the rotors will fly off are those with a semi-rigid/teeter-totter rotor system (IE the Huey & Cobra) when you encounter excessive mast-bumping. Further, I did a simple jink in the ghosthawk that a normal blackhawk can withstand, that is well within limitations, and popped the head off...