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  1. I doubt very highly that it'll get fixed. Its been there since at least ArmA 2's original release, if not ArmA 1/OFP.
  2. Here's the update, enjoy. No known bugs at the moment. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6alL0752UOIZUcwZnFfYjhSSm8/view?usp=sharing
  3. Good news everyone, I got the sounds working again. I'll be tidying it up and packing it for a release soonish.
  4. I rolled back to the tried and true BinPBO and got it working. Still have to fiddle with the M41a to get it back in game though.
  5. About that update; managed to completely break everything (Models don't appear, can't equip them, custom hand animations are going full The Thing). Even the things I didn't mess with like the RPG... I'm not sure, but I think it may be the new tools? (Never used them till now)
  6. Just picked up Modo Indie and a will to continue modding; I have a lot to learn but expect more to follow. :cool:
  7. If you're kneeling, theoretically, your elbow should be resting on your knee alleviating some of the fatigue. Maybe a slowed cooldown timer or something for crouched and stationary? What gets tired is usually the calf/foot you're sitting on.
  8. b00ce

    X-Cam prototype map

    That aerial view looks spectacular! :computer:
  9. I would say that you can't specify the most common bad things that could happen. There are so many different systems spread around the airframe its impossible to tell what would break when under combat conditions depending on where the aircraft was hit and with what. In all likelihood, again depending on the aircraft, a projectile will hit nothing and poke a hole in some thin sheet metal.
  10. Usually the Lima model is the DAP, that being said, I wouldn't doubt the Mike taking over this role as well however. I can't speak for any 160th TTPs or MTOEs but what I do know is that even my HH-60M (Medevac) has a "WPN REL" button on the cyclic.
  11. Because the rotorlib XML has fuel quantity values that probably override the standard FM ones.
  12. The Mike happened. The Lima has its role and the Mike took over the Kilo's.
  13. Not sure if it matters within the confines of the engine, but was this done sitting on the ground or flying around? For the ghost hawk (Assuming it performs similarly to a real UH-60) should burn around 120-140 gallons per hour with 360 gallons of fuel (455-530 & 1360 liters respectively) flying at around 100 Kts at sea level. Sitting on the ground its closer to 80 gallons (300 Liters) per hour. NOTE: These numbers are approximate and depend on how much power is required for any given mode of flight.
  14. If they're going for realism then the HUD would only be active with NVGs. At least that's how it is in the real army... Not sure if 160th is THAT special. :rolleyes:
  15. You know you're talking to people with personal experience with aircraft shaking right? (Its said that the only reason a helicopter flies is because it shakes so bad that the earth repels it) That camera in the Blue Angels plane is bolted into the airframe; of course you're not going to perceive the aircraft shaking, the camera is shaking with it. ;) As for the handling properties of the planes, that's another story.
  16. When my helicopter shakes, I definitely notice it with my eyes... Especially if I'm trying to write something down/read notes/looking at my watch and its happening.
  17. The only permanent armor in a UH-60 are the seats and the chicken wings (Black plates with the lever at the back of the door frame). When we deploy, we install BAPS plates to protect cargo/crew. The only thing protecting the engines is a bit of sheet metal for insulation and some kevlar honey-comb that really doesn't stop much more than your weight standing on it. With that, like Gatordev said, most of the components are ballisticaly tolerant and can survive quite a bit of damage without crapping out completely.
  18. That is allegedly able to take up to 20mm without failure. Try a little bigger and with explosives... You have NOOOOO idea what you're talking about. The majority of a military helicopter is thin sheet metal with stringers (The support structure) that is often made of the same sheet metal, just bent for some rigidity. That and fiberglass/kevlar. The only armor plating (If there is any) is only around the crew. This. We had a helicopter get hit by a scamp that was rolling down an ever so slight hill and totaled the helicopter a while ago. The majority of a helicopter is air, which is a gift and a curse.
  19. Worked on the tail, nose, a little of the cabin interior, and the ESSS covers.
  20. Precisely, the combining gearbox keeps the blades in time with eachother.
  21. The chinook's rotor discs actually mesh together.
  22. You enter VRS at about 5 m/s (Assuming that's accurate and what the gauges indicate) that's about 980 FPM, which is less than half of what it should be for something like the ghost hawk. There is a significant shudder/shake as you enter it as well, if you can't identify the fact that you're going into VRS you deserve what happens to you when you don't perform immediate action to save yourself. Or you could just not put yourself in a position to enter it.
  23. b00ce

    13€ DLC, hefty price for 2 choppers

    Why is everyone so quick to jump on the "I hate BIS, they're lazy sacks of crap and money grubbing whores" bandwagon. is literally all I hear when people complain about A3/BIS.
  24. You need to be pulling at least 20% torque (In theory) to go into VRS. If you mash the collective to the floor, you won't enter Vortex Ring State until you start to pull up on the collective. One issue I've found is that upon entering VRS (Intentionally), the helicopter suddenly and violently rolls up to 90 degrees.