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    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Here are a couple critiques for the H60M that should be easy to fix in O2, I understand that the US helicopters are placeholders so if my insight goes unaddressed I'm not going to sweat it. http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u125/booce/arma3%202015-06-29%2020-13-02-81.png~original http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u125/booce/arma3%202015-06-29%2020-13-28-15.png~original 1. This antenna does not exist on any helicopter I've ever seen. The area that the antenna is on slides forward very far and the wires would either break or interfere with flight controls. 2. Please copy the ESSS fairings from one of the other H60 models. There isn't a single H60M that doesn't have this. (And very few Alpha models that are exclusively in the national guard or at the blackhawk mechanic school house) 3.The army no longer uses the ALQ-144 on their helicopters, at least the ones outside of 160th have had it removed. The base (Outside of the circle and affectionately dubbed the toilet-bowl) is still installed on most aircraft. 4. This antenna has been removed on the UH60M. 5. Please mirror the other side over, there's no point in having the mount for a refuel probe without having the probe itself there. (Another note is that the "wing" thing is actually the Alpha style, but I'm not really asking for that to get fixed) Please rotate the model 3 degrees nose up for a more proper hover attitude. (The rotor head should be level) For the paint schemes, there are no desert/woodland liveries. The F model chinook does have a lighter brown paint job, but the Delta model and prior has the dark sage/olive green. The Hawk has always been the dark brownish green, though you can't really tell the brown is there unless its faded or the aircraft is wet. Thanks for your time.
  2. As long as it gets us more of your amazing addons, I'll make sacrifices for the good of the whole. Not a terrible idea though and I can't say I blame you.
  3. I dunno if there will ever be one. Every time he gets close to something presentable, he starts over because a rivet isn't quite in the right place. :p Good to see signs of life from you Rock.
  4. b00ce

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I was playing around with the LMTVs and I noticed the exhaust was coming out of the air intake behind the cab. The exhaust is supposed to be on the right side in front of the back tire, the pipe is there but disused apparently. Other than that, bang up job on the FMTVs. Just wish there was a non-uparmored version. But thats probably just me. Also glad to see all the humvees, never thought I'd say that about a highback. :p
  5. b00ce

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    Maybe there could be a script made to display the icon for the weapons/attachments that displays the icons at full size with a white background? I'm not any good at scripting, but its an idea.
  6. You don't mount those to your helmet and it weighs 2 and a half pounds, whereas the ANVIS 6 (Which I use on a regular basis) weighs less than half that. I dare you to mount that to your face and run around with it for even a minute. Ounces equal pounds, pounds equal pain. And if you'd read, that thing is manual focus... Furthermore, every "auto-focus" pair of binoculars is just prefocused at their X distance to infinity range; if you tried to look at something close up you would see a blur. If you didn't watch that, active focus requires either sonar or lasers. Two things that WILL give your position away to the enemy... The auto-focus on go-pros and cellphones is essentially a post process effect. Not only that, the added complexity of the range finder, computer and the servos add to things that can break. TL;DR NVGs aren't cameras. As for "not knowing what I'm talking about" I'm an aircrew member I'm required to know the ANVIS inside and out, upside down and backwards. I know how NVGs work and I use them regularly. Pic related.
  7. However, I'll be more than happy to shoot you down. ;) In the real life; noise, clarity and the amount of amplification are the primary differences between the generations. I find it hard to believe that in the future there will be an auto-focus for NVGs, currently (With even the latest generation of goggles) you need to manually focus to a certain range by twisting the objective and eyepiece lenses. For there to be an auto-focus system, you would need to add a LOT of weight for the moving bits, computer chips and whatnot. I don't know if you guys have ever worn nightvision goggles, but they get heavy (especially if you have a weight bag on the back of your helmet to counter the goggles) even though they're essentially aluminum tubes with glass lenses sandwiching three platters of light-weight electronic bits and some fiber-optic shenanigans. Practically speaking, it would be cost and weight prohibitive. NVGs are already straining on your poor eyeballs, I can't even begin to imagine what an auto-focus would do... Especially if you're in a confined space with windows (like an aircraft), auto-focus would get confused and switch between close and far away. Imagine walking around with the screen of a camera an inch from your face and auto-focus constantly changing, trying to tell you what to look at. I don't know long y'all have used NVGs, but I've got a little over 60 hours using them (The fancy military aviation ones to boot) and the mere thought of an auto-focus makes my eyes bleed.:j: What would be awesome is having an effect similar to BWmods scopes that would have a proper DoF effect that started about 50 meters and got blurrier as it got closer (including your weapon).
  8. b00ce


    I'm curious; after seeing the night vision effect, I wonder if it would be possible to translate it to the NVGs and better simulate both the narrow field of view and being able to see ambient light in your peripheral vision. Minus the zoom and crosshair, it's pretty spot on to reality.
  9. Amazing news Nou, any chance this is gonna have ACEX?
  10. Helicopters ARE super loud though, even with your flight helmet on. I see this as an improvement.
  11. The body armor pauldrons are kinda out of the question with that particular model because its just a re-skin. I've been incredibly busy (and burnt out) and in the field for a couple weeks (Nobody is actually injured in this picture ;) ), so there hasn't been any progress with any of my projects. As for the rails, I have no plans for them. The source material doesn't have them and I'm not sure rails will be a thing that far in the future.
  12. I strongly prefer the standard FM over the AFM at the moment. It seems like its trying too hard to BE hard, rather than realistic; it doesn't feel as rewarding (Or fun) as zooming around with the SFM. I'll fly the rotors off in DCS Huey (In a good way, I promise :rolleyes:) but I can barely get off the ground in ArmA 3. The primary reason is the delay in input which leaves me feeling like I'm constantly on the verge of losing control. There should be zero input lag; when you move the stick, there is an immediate change in rotor blade pitch and the tip path plane which translates into a corresponding change in direction. The delay in the input from my joystick to the motion manifesting in-game is atrocious and more frustrating than realistic. I'll take SFM w/ keyboard & mouse over AFM and my Warthog / pedals any day of the week. With the SFM and mouse I can have the control touch and response I need to play, with the AFM I just end up chasing my own inputs due to the lag. The AFM is something that I've been yearning for, and I wholeheartedly support the improvement of it. But at the moment the input delay murders the experience and immersion.
  13. Most of my pilots have under 1000 hours (Even ones who have been deployed), which is nothing to sneeze at either. Bad weather is subjective though, high winds (Assuming they're under 45 knots for startup and shutdown) aren't as big of a problem as you might think, unless you're trying to do swoopty crap like hoists and fastrope and stuff. Winds actually help helicopters fly (As long as you're flying into them) believe it or don't. As long as your vision isn't obstructed (heavy rain, clouds, fog etc.) you're golden.
  14. Yeah, those are actually UH-60Ls from a VIP company. They still haven't been able to upgrade the C2 mod to support the new Mike model yet apparently.
  15. The only thing that I know of that fits that description was the EH-60 with STOAS, it never made it to widespread use (let alone production) to my knowledge. http://www.thaifighterclub.org/images/answer2013/A01160255131116100927.gif http://lh6.ggpht.com/_4xLi6KmWWQA/S523-d_zb8I/AAAAAAAAAl0/n96Cm3Z7m7s/s800/10655.jpg
  16. Well, within the confines of ArmA there's no point in ditching your helmet because it doesn't act as ear plugs/muffs and reduce your field of view in game.
  17. This is probably the most realistic route to take, I always have my battery pack on my helmet, but not everyone does. There is a battery pack that you can mount to the NVGs, but its exclusively for when you're in a SEAR situation and ditched your helmet. They're used more like binoculars then. http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTIwMFgxNjAw/z/OjgAAOxyVaBS4CwY/$_59.JPG http://www.ifshtf.com/pic/nvg/ANVIS6/anvis-1.jpg
  18. Nice work on the new model. I have a few critiques for minor cosmetic things: The tires are too flat and should be more rounded, they also seem too wide. The ESSS fairing (Big wonky thing above and aft of the gunner window) isn't shaped quite right. I also have to apologize for going off half cocked on the gear thing earlier. Apparently they do their own thing with the vests, so I can't really say what they use. I can say however that it would be incredibly unfortunate and uncomfortable if they were to fall out of their aircraft... The D-ring is for tethers, yes. And it does sometimes. I can't lie. The D-ring for extraction has a little nylon strap attached to it, you can see it in pictures (a D-ring half way out of a grenade pocket) The army still uses the ANVIS-6, they aren't bad.
  19. Woa, woa, woa; pump the brakes. Back up the bus. Air Warrior bro. http://reenactment-event.xooit.fr/t306-C-3-10-GSAB-UH-60-MEDEVAC-Crewman-Nov-2010.htm Just a little note for above: the PRC-152 is a Flight-medic thing so he can communicate with the aircraft while grabbing the patient. Also his jacket collar needs to be up and the flap wrapped around his neck. http://www.defence.gov.au/media/download/2006/apr/20060406/20060328adf8143085_076.jpg http://usarmy.vo.llnwd.net/e2/c/images/2012/04/03/241634/original.jpg http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2488/3759627096_6b60c76ec6_o.jpg ALSE Vest: http://s1100.photobucket.com/user/mohawkALSE/media/3A.jpg.html?sort=3&o=198 http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g419/mohawkALSE/3C.jpg~original http://new.aerialmachineandtool.com/webshaper/pcm/pictures/aerial%20images/PSGC/PSGC_MED.gif Armor: http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g419/mohawkALSE/AWflex.jpg Back side doesn't have anything on it. If you're going to jump through hoops for the sake of awesomeness, jump through the right ones. ;) As for the FOV for the ANVIS-6, 40 degrees.
  20. b00ce

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Those are incredibly unrealistic. In the real life we just stuff them in any old assault pack or ruck sack, in whatever pocket it'll fit. I kept an ASIP radio in the side pocket of my MOLLE ruck for instance.
  21. No worries man, life happens. Glad it let you back on the modding scene.
  22. About TIME! Sheesh. Been waiting for ages! :rolleyes: Looks awesome.
  23. Took a break last night and most of today... For obvious reasons. :rolleyes: Got a little progress to show. Happy New Year folks.
  24. Thanks for the mirror on Six. Here's tonight's progress on the pulse rifle. (The sights will actually be useful this time. )
  25. Thanks for the support and the mirror. Work continues and I've started remaking the M41 (Among other things) because the current one was made entirely in O2 and we all know how wonderful of a program it is for making things from scratch. :rolleyes: