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  1. Hi, I found a Video where at 05:43 the Medium Machine Gun Caliber .338 Norma Magnum SPMG is used as a grenade launcher. In the Virtual Arsenal (Version 1.88) the only rail attachments are Flashlight and IR Laser Pointer. How is this done? If it is not vanilla, what mod could it be? Video: SPMG as grenade launcher Cheers, B.
  2. Bazinga2019

    SPMG as grenade launcher?

    No, I was not aware and I have too look close and still dont get it. Thank you for the answers.
  3. Bazinga2019

    SPMG as grenade launcher?

    I am not that familiar with all weapons yet and the Video Title says "THE BEST GUN IN ARMA 3? .338 SPMG WEAPON SHOWCASE" So, what weapon is this he uses?
  4. Bazinga2019

    SLX Replacement Pack, Mod, and Addons

    How do I disable SLX_Wounds? I unpacked the SLX_Wounds.pbo and changed the init.sqs I am playing a CTI alone and when I get shot I am lying there and cannot die or get up. When I had a medic I had no option to heal me. Also "dragging" was still enabled which I dont want. I like the SLX Mod but I would like to disable the Wounds/Dragging/Medic stuff.
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    SLX Replacement Pack, Mod, and Addons

    Awesome mod. There is a nice feature presentation on YouTube Anything about compatibility with Unofficial patch ArmA Resistance 2.01 ? I noticed I did not geht the backblast form Carl-Custav to work killing/injuring my teammate but I was able to fire while lying down. Or any tipps in combination with WW4 or PRMOD? Last question: Any more Infos about the provided examples? I dont know what the GroupLink3_Example.Intro is for as well as the other examples Tank you in advance.
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    Fwatch General Scripting

    Any plans to support Unofficial patch ArmA Resistance 2.01 in the future?
  7. Bazinga2019

    Rts-3 1.4 released

    Thank you for your help. RTS-3 is still not playable without script/mision modification, so I give up on this. I found mfCTI and crCTI - both working directly out of the box after download. crCTI seems to be a quite "new" implemantation for OFP Arma CWA compared to RTS-3 and mfCTI.
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    In case someone searched for a working OFP Arma CWA crCTI Download, in Feb 2019 I found this download on armaholic Question: There are setting for SP,TG,TB and GS,VD,Coopmode with Parameters 01,02,...0x Rnd, Off, on,VD ... etc... I guess VD is the View Distance which means how far the enemy base is spotted? SP = Start Position = Fix / Random TG = TownGroup = ? TB =Timeboost = faster time so day / night cyle is faster GS = Group size = AI Team Members Player can control ? VD =View Distance Coopmode = ?
  9. Bazinga2019

    Rts-3 1.4 released

    I managed to get rid of most messages "missing addon" and "no entry config.bin/CfgVehicles", also removed missing addons from mission script... When creating the Multiplayer, after clicking OK in the Multiplayer-Setup, I get the Message No entry 'config.bin/CfgVehicles.'. Mission starts after pressing OK to this message. Seems kind of working. AI Commander does nothing, maybe this changed, I remember that AI was capable of building the base... maybe it is because of the error. Also as a commander I cannot build the HQ ... it says "30s left" "15s left" , then nothing happens... -- I really liked RTS-3 but it takes a lot of work it seems, MFCTI 1.16 worked out of the box (ok it does not use addons so it is not that much fun)
  10. Bazinga2019

    Rts-3 1.4 released

    Again: Thank you! Little Progress... Still missing some addons - especially the F-15E 😞 Any Idea? "f15estrikeeeaglev2" - pbo list suggest f15e.pbo - could not find it tried rktf15.pbo, rkt15e.pbo and Vit_Usa_F15.pbo - did not work F-15 is heavily used in the *.sqs - also has a NUKE Version, which I remember WAdvancedJets = [["f15eaim120",8000,120,"\F15E\f15icon","F-15 Strike Eagle AA",NULL,"vcl"],["f15eMk82",20000,200,"\F15E\f15icon","F-15 E Mk82 Bombs",NULL,"vcl"],["f15egbu12",27000,220,"\F15E\f15icon","F-15 E GBU-12 Bombs",NULL,"vcl"],["Rad_Hornet_Mk83G",20000,200,"\Rad_F18\icongrey","FA-18 (Mk83 Bombs)",NULL,"vcl"],["RAD_Hornet_GBU16ag",22000,500,"\Rad_F18\icongrey","FA-18 GBU16a",NULL,"vcl"],["Rad_Hornet_AMRAAMG",30000,330,"\Rad_F18\icongrey","FA-18 (AMRAAM)",NULL,"vcl"],["Rad_Hornet_AGM88DG",30000,220,"\Rad_F18\icongrey","FA-18 (AGM 88)",NULL,"vcl"],["RAD_Hornet_B61g",200000,500,"\Rad_F18\icongrey","FA-18 B61 Nuke",NULL,"vcl"]] EAdvancedJets = [["f15eaim120_East",8000,120,"\F15E\f15icon","Soviet F-15 Strike Eagle AA",NULL,"vcl"],["RKTMiG23Grey",21000,200,"\rktmig23\picture.paa","MiG 23 Flogger",NULL,"vcl"],["RKTMiG27",21000,330,"\rktmig27\picture.paa","MiG 27 Flogger",NULL,"vcl"],["f15egbu12_East",27000,220,"\F15E\f15icon","Soviet F-15 E GBU-12 Bombs",NULL,"vcl"],["Rad_Hornet_Mk83Bn_East",20000,500,"\Rad_F18\iconbrown","Soviet FA-18 Mk83",NULL,"vcl"],["RAD_Hornet_GBU16aBn_East",22000,500,"\Rad_F18\iconbrown","Soviet FA-18 GBU16a",NULL,"vcl"],["Rad_Hornet_AGM88DBn_East",30000,220,"\Rad_F18\iconbrown","Soviet FA-18 (AGM 88)",NULL,"vcl"],["RAD_Hornet_B61Bn",200000,500,"\Rad_F18\iconbrown","Soviet FA-18 B61 Nuke",NULL,"vcl"]]
  11. Bazinga2019

    Rts-3 1.4 released

    Wow, thank you for the search. Do you know a tool or good method that lists the class name of an addon in a selection of multible PBO-Files? Because sadly the mission needs even more addons. Example: The missing addons message contains bas_mh6185, I found in a file bas_lbs.pbo because I tried all pbo-files I have starting with bas_ until bas_mh6185 disappeared in the message - then looked in the cpp-file of the pbo's the see the name. But how to find things like Dragonfly, SWI_M109 or even mi2no? With mi2no I looked in the source code and found it is a chopper... I even thought of editing the source files to remove or replace used vehicles but this would remove the fun too. So what is a good approach to find the other addons because only short names are mentioned in the message of missing addons? Something like "search text within multiple pbo files"...
  12. Bazinga2019

    Rts-3 1.4 released

    Update: Found most of the addons on old DVDs - I hope I can give an update if I found all files and can make an archive for the future. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Year 2019 - I would like to play RTS-3 1.41 by KaRRiLLioN in OFP but it is missing addons for Example RTS3CoreAddon.pbo and RTS3VehicleAddon.pbo Anyone still has this? Google search was of no success.
  13. Bazinga2019

    Rts-3 released

    Update: Found most of the addons on old DVDs - I hope I can give an update if I found all files and can make an archive for the future. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Year 2019 - I would like to play RTS-3 1.41 by KaRRiLLioN in OFP but it is missing addons for Example RTS3CoreAddon.pbo and RTS3VehicleAddon.pbo Anyone still has this? Google search was of no success. I read somewhere that there is even a Version 1.5?
  14. It is Januar 2019 and I digged out OFP after some years because of watching ARMA: Cold War Assault (Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis) campaign. Part 1 on youtube Question: The PR MOD replaces this MOD? I cannot ask in the PR MOD Thread because it is closed - The Title says it is a total replacement. Any known Issues with WW4 and Version 2.01 besides fwatch not working?