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  1. Hello Is there any one that knows how I can make an offline version of the TOH wiki so that I can use the wiki information offline ? PS: Yes, there are homes in UK that have no internet ...
  2. I am starting this Thread in this section of the forums, with the purpose of requesting additional information (which are either not available on biki or on those forums - editing part) and/or sample models and A1 mlods from BIS Provide aditional information where is due when making a request. * reason * information required * details about specific issues Notes: 1. Sample models are NOT mlods. Those are to be requested only when the required information is not available, or when the A1 sample models are not sufficient as a base for your own work. 2. Discussion outside the scope of this thread will not be tolerated (refrain from posting "we needz mlodz, LOL", "BIS is lazy" and/or similar messages 3. Please keep it clean - no under the belt hits