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  1. Is there a garbage collector like what Java has that deletes allocations unassigned from variables? E.g. _a = [] _a = [] versus _a = [] _a = nil _a = [] _a = nil First would leak without a garbage collector.
  2. I follow the instructions on this page https://ace3mod.com/wiki/feature/javelin.html but the Lock Target [Hold] key does nothing and the switch fire mode key also does nothing. It works for everyone else on the server I'm playing on. It only fires in scope guided mode. In the Virtual Arsenal switching fire mode works, but then both the lock on key and fire key do not work.
  3. I regard ACE medical as necessary. However the documentation is too lousy to determine how to make the AI use it properly to any extent. From testing what the AI does by shooting troops in the legs and arms I found that naked troops were still magically playing the bandage animation and the equipped medic did nothing. This is with config as "Medical Level: Basic", "Medics setting: Advanced", Enabled for: Players Only". I don't really know what the latter two do because the doc does not explain it. In the version of my mission that uses bots I want the mod config that allow the bots to use whatever equipment it can, but I have no idea what those settings are or what equipment they can use or whether they even need equipment. There are 3 cases for which I need to know how to choose mod config and equipment loadout: 1. A slot can be filled by player or bot. Mod config and loadouts are identical for both. 2. Slots are exclusive to either player or bot. Config is advanced for player and whatever allows the bots to do the most they can. Bot loadout includes everything it can use. 3. Slots are exclusive to either player or bot. Config is advanced for player and disables bots doing anything medical (maybe except revive).
  4. It's like you did not read the first post.
  5. The problem is you can't add a weapon to a backpack. Currently it seems the closest hack is creating every character entirely in the arsenal outside of the editor, then loading them in the editor.
  6. Because the virtual arsenal does not allow seeing everything on the list, the arsenal can't be used to make the kit I want. I can execute "soldier addItemToBackpack "weapon"" in debug console in play mode, but it does not work in edit mode. Surely there is an easier way to fill backpacks than scrounging for weight and capacity info in config viewer for every single item, then using Windows Calculator to determine how to fit, then editing the mission text file. Eventually I need a way to make the AI hide weapon in backpack. Even if it can be forced in, how to make the AI want to keep it there in safe mode is likely the challenge.
  7. @oldbearWhy is your system using only 7.5gb of ram when you have 16?
  8. I tried that in both mission init and a trigger with true condition. It turns one rotation, then stops. I don't understand that voodoo syntax. How can you assign to an enumeration like 0, and what is "[] spawn".
  9. This does not work . "generic error in expression"
  10. Sertica

    Vehicle Bugs

    1. "Stabilize turret" is activated when lasing. This makes the cannon rubber band partially. 2. Lasing adjusts the cannon angle only briefly, then it resets back to the manual range even while still firing.
  11. Question for people with loads of RAM: what is the peak usage the game gives you? I have 8gb and it starts HDD swapping.
  12. Sertica

    Insane Scripted Key Binds

    I don't know exactly what mods or missions they are in when there are several loaded for a server, but for example server "A3-Antistasi Official US 1" is unplayable. Waiting ages for my HDD to fill up with these useless mods only encourages me to avoid mods and the servers that use them.
  13. Sertica

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    I browsed it a bit, but it is too much hassle. Most units seem abandoned with broken links, 1 member trolls, or have undisclosed player lists. There are 73,935 units and still 2,718 with my filters. It's like digging through a landfill for jewels.
  14. Sertica

    Filter Servers By DLC

    It seems the Get DLC button is just an ad and I'm able to join any server regardless of DLC. But I still don't understand how it works. What happens if I'm in a server and a jet is spawned when I don't have jet DLC?
  15. Sertica

    Insane Scripted Key Binds

    Almost every server\mod is unplayable for me because scripted key binds that override my own. It's like content creators expect you to keep the exact settings the game ships with forever. Is there a way to rebind these for myself or am I relegated to never using most of the content because of this?