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    @Shoppy if I’m reading above correctly, the server peramiters are adjustable at the start of each mission, I.e. hardcore settings, Venice rules etc. (explains why I have seen a server set to hardcore settings one day but full default on another.) To all: That being said I think there needs to be a restart cycle placed on the official servers that forces a server restart if it has no players for say 10mins. Next player on gets to chose parameters etc. One issue I have seen from it’s current setup, is that if the server goes for hours with little to now players, the AI seems to be able to spawn in seemingly unlimited assets. Once myself and three other players were able to push opfor, with no players all the way back to its base, only for them to spawn tank after tank etc. we all had over 70 tank kills and over 1000 AI kills EACH!!! Of course every AI squad taken by a player looses its CP and started from scratch. (Makes me wonder if I had loaded into other team and then disconnected and loaded again a repeated, could I have fixed the issue and deplete their CP so we could finally win and start over. Also saw a server that a hat a hacker had gotten on and screwed everything up. Deleted all the territories etc. it sat unplayable for days. It was a hardcore style server, and the only one at the time, so I was real bummed over that one. I really think the ability to change attack order needs to be hardwired in. Seen to many games lost because somone made a bad attack order town choice. But it needs to be pricey to do it. Like 5000cp. I can see someone griefing and change the order just before a territory is captured just to mess with people. As it stands it’s free for them to just pick a bad town to attack.
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    Good to here. As mentioned above. Some sort of restart/reset cycle would be very beneficial too.
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    Is there a way to cap the amount of money AI is able to collect? It seems that the AI is able to sit and collect so much CP when players aren’t on that even once you get them back to their main base, they still have the ability to just spawn in an endless supply of recourses. The servers need to have some sort of restart/reset cycle. I.e. after 30 min with no players on, or even a player based vote to testy option. Me and and a couple mates just spent hours killing hindreds of tanks and thousands of AI and could never get the to where we could cap the final point. Very frustrating.
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    Any chance on doing some cleanup adjustments to reduce the FPS drop that occcurs the longer the mission is running? Also, what are the chances on making it so you can only attack linked territories? Having to defend all back field territories and the front at the same time really spreads the defending team very thin and creates drastically long stalemates which just further contribute to the FPS drops as tracked items etc pile up more and more.