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  1. Why there is only 1-4 combat patrol missions at the time? It's the best gameplay! There are 20 Vanguard tank servers with ZERO players up at all times.
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    Combat Patrol on official servers

    Bump. No one cares?
  3. Hopefully my cry in the vastness of ze internets get heard. Make no mistake: I come here with intent to improve our gameplay. Combat Patrol: the only meaningful gameplay on official servers is VERY RARE. Why is that? There are 20 Zeus servers on-line in utter chaos, 10 Vanguard servers with no one on them and only 2-4 Combat patrols at the time. Sometimes it's only 1 and it's full. Why is that? Let's set up Exfil timer. Say, when Team Leader comes to Exfil, in 3 minutes it's time up. Who did not show up, looses all the stats. There are morons, from certain uneducated countries like Poland and Russia who do not not speak English, do no cooperate and rambo around, wasting everyone's time waiting at the exfill. Arma makes us wait too much. That's why people are looking at Squad and other MFPSs. And could we reduce the frequency of Tanoa or do something, to lessen the AI's capabilities, because that gamplay is just pure disappointment.