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  1. Hi, I have i7 4790k overclocked to 4.6 GHz as well in my current game PC and Arma (client) runs just fine with it. I'm building a new gaming PC soon and planning to use this old 4790k for Arma server PC. BRPVP do you mind sharing more specs of your server PC? What kind of SSD you're using if any? What about RAM? What's your server PC's OS? I am also curious how your 4790k has performed in this role. What kind of Arma server you're running (like DayZ mods with lot of player bases or Antistasi... etc) and how many players there are simultaneously? I'd also like to hear about overall Arma 3 server processor recommendations if anyone with experience can share their knowledge. Should we go for high GHz (like on client side) also? If not, what about new AMD processors? Knowing Arma and servers, I doubt new AMDs would be optimized for this, but positive surprises are always welcome.
  2. Korppari

    Foliage Camouflage System

    Has anyone created this mod for Arma 3 or anything similar? New camouflage netting system for tanks (A3 Tanks DLC) is pretty neat already, but I'm still missing the camouflage foliage mod 😕