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  1. Hi guys, I just want to ask a question about what kind of vest, uniform, kit and weapons used by Seals operator during Operation Red Wings. From what I've found on the internet, the vest based on the movie is either RRV (Rhodesian Recon Vest) or Tactical Vest made by Pantac USA. The unifom is probably DCU? And the rifle is M4 Sopmod and MK 12 SPR. Does anybody here know the mod that contain said items or the equivalent/similar of it? Edit: Found the RRV from Tac vest mod and MK 12 mod 0 SPR by nemo, eventhough its not the mod 1.
  2. Yonif

    Combat patrol on Official servers

    I'm not sure about what you are asking about. Did you want to start a combat patrol server at official server? You can do it by join a server that enabled admin command, vote yourself as an admin and the select for the mission, and choose combat patrol.
  3. Yonif

    Logitech F310 Hard Coded ?

    When in controller settings, you need to click disable, and then the menu for customizable gamepad for F310 will pop up on the top of the disabled one. I'm using Logitech F310 too.
  4. You need to be gunner of have helicopter crewman in gunner seat. And then you can give them order to attact specific target by pressing T.
  5. I don't have any answer, but i have a stupid question. What is the benefit of changing the sound's sampling rate?
  6. Is there any way to perfectly control the helicopter's advanced flight model with just a gamepad? Right now I'm using the regular gamepad Logitech F310. I bind the collective (analogue) to my right controller stick. The problem is because the collective acting as a lever, when I'm not touching the right thumb controller, the collective stays at 50% power, making it impossible to perfectly hover and trying to land smoothly. To be able to do collective raise I must holding up the controller, as well as collective lower with holding down the controller. Is there any way to fix this in order to achieve smooth control over the collective? I don't know what the correct term that I'm looking for is, full axis control maybe? Because I think my state of gamepad's stick for the collective is two axis.