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  1. I'm looking to change elements of the default ArmA targeting pod - specifically, I want to add UI elements like 10-digit grids and target elevation. I know how to get that information, but what I don't know is how to make it appear in the UI. If possible, I'd also like to remove some vanilla elements like the narrow FOV box. Any insight on how to do these things?
  2. Is there any way to import 3DS animations to an ArmA model.cfg? I have a plane model in 3DS Max that I got off of Turbosquid and it has several animations (landing gear, bay doors, cockpit opening, etc) that I'd like to import into O2. In 3DS, the animations are all one long strip at the bottom of the screen and they are imported by default as keyframes. I do not want them to be keyframes, but rather animations defined in the model.cfg with the appropriate axes, types, rotations/translations, etc. So far I have been unable to accomplish this. To comply with ArmA's structure, I've had to remake several animations from scratch and I'm asking here to see if there's any easier way to do this because some of them (bay doors) are extremely complex and could take days for me to do by hand.