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    also people spawn 30000 quad bikes...soo server will lag like HELL ...again UNPLAYBLE
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    hello guys, is there someone on this planet that can fix some warlords bugs. i think it is a verry nice game mode.... but unplayble !! 1: there are no admin ??? sooo give player more control over the game, exemple : you play a match for 3 hours...and someone is joining your team,and is teamkilling on spawn point. HOW CAN WE AS A GROUP KICK THAT PLAYER ? fix : if 5 people vote for KICK that guy must kicked off from the server !!!!! 2 : why the hell are people can speak too enemy in global !! its sooo fucked up when someone is screaming in global ! yes i know you can mute them....they leave and come back in the server,and do it again. 3: how the hell is it possible that sometimes ENEMY AND FRIENDLY verhicles keep spawning sooo exemple..i capture a point and i see enemy verhicles with parachut in air (3 of them) i destroy them in the air. 10 sec later....3 new enemy tanks are spawning in the air....how the hell is that playble ?? COME ONnnn 4: give a pawnee a warning incoming missle sound !! so it can be fun to fly a damn chopper with 45.000.000 AA verhicles on the ground !! i have 5000 hours of arma 3 and i think what i say is no bullshit...and i read so much frustration of people online ! they leave the server and maybe even game.... its almost perfect BOYSSSSSSSSS see ya ! Jordy-ELITE NoMoneyNoHoney The-pHilOsOphor Jordy