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  1. Good Day All, Today I am releasing source files to you that will allow you to edit a map that is VERY similar to Silverlake. The roads, building placement, and terrain profile are exported from the real map and only have a few misplacement due to sampling limitations. The linked google drive gives you a .RAR file that will provide you with source as well as all of the P-Drive and server file requirements to edit and produce your own version of "Silverlake". There is also a document in the folder that provides more details about the limitations of these files and how to effectively use them. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16WqmNoCQyh8wsgD7dvA9NDR6F9Otogzf?usp=sharing For more information or for queries about mapping or source files, please contact us via e-mail: hadrickservices@gmail.com Regards, Hadricks Services
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    "Silverlake" Source Files

    If you read the document in the folder, it details all of this if I'm not mistaken
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    "Silverlake" Source Files

    None :) i made some scripts to make this and this is the dump of that process, that is all <3 u do what u want with it within Bohemia's guidelines
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    "Silverlake" Source Files

    This is a copy paste of what I was working with so as long as you know how to change directory paths and have basic knowledge of how to do things like move buildings and smooth your terrain its bug-free enough to release as a map yes