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  1. Hi Snkman, great mod first off - our group has been enjoying it immensely over the past 2 months or so. I need to report a fairly severe issue with GLX in that very occasionally a fatal error occurs within the internal scripting and it causes all of the AI to freeze on the spot and no longer appear to be valid objects on the server. They will no longer register bullet hits, respond to commands and you cannot delete them as zeus (the bounding box will disappear but the unit 3d object stays there running on the spot). This is run from a dedicated box with quite a few mods, but just to preempt questions: -file patching is enabled, user config has not been edited other than to allow debug info, GLX is run as a 'servermod' and I've done numerous test runs stripping all mods out, running with and without GLX, and only using specific factions in each run. The errors I'm going to list only show up when GLX is loaded into the modset, and as far as I can tell (I'm not very knowledgeable about scripting/coding) it has something to do with certain units becoming 'non-objects' within the server and in rare occasions this causes an issue when that unit is deleted. The server continues to run, but its as if all simulation has ceased to be calculated and the server + HC instances have to be 'end process' through task manager for them to be properly closed. I've only started to notice it since the 1.96 update, but its such a rare problem I can't say for sure whether its a new problem that came in with the patch or we just didn't experience it beforehand. Here are the errors that are popping up within the RPT's, please note these only occur when using GLX: Error in expression <n { private _unit = (_units select 0); _unit assignAsGunner _vehicle; _units d> Error position: <_unit assignAsGunner _vehicle; _units d> Error Undefined variable in expression: _unit File GLX_System\GLX\GLX_Extension_F.sqf..., line 111 Error in expression <roup getVariable "GLX_Disable"); if ( (_string isEqualTo "GLX_Move") || (vehicl> Error position: <_string isEqualTo "GLX_Move") || (vehicl> Error Undefined variable in expression: _string File GLX_System\GLX\GLX_Reinforcement_F\GLX_Logic_F.sqf..., line 97 Ref to nonnetwork object 2860e098fe0# 1680923: <no shape> Error: Object(6 : 532) not found "DEBUG: Start of AI script. Currently assigned target: <NULL-object>" I can successfully recreate the fatal error when using a certain faction, so if you want video evidence of the AI freeze in action then I'm happy to provide it. My best guess is that something in the way GLX creates unit variables to allow for their being so dynamic occasionally causes this problem, and certain faction configs increase the chance of it happening somehow. I have a bunch more testing data and if you'd like to discuss further in chat feel free to add me on steam.
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    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    Reposted from the workshop discussion board, apologies for doubling up: Hi Kimi, thanks for this great mod - we've been using it for over a year now in our group and everyone has been enjoying it a lot. Just wanted to report a potential bug I've discovered using the HMD mod and vanilla helo's found within the NATO vanilla selections. When using the vanilla helo's I've found our server RPT's to be getting absolutely spammed with warning messages constantly - a 2-3 hour session will produce RPT's of roughly 30mb in size (compared to missions which max out at around 700-800kb. Seems to mostly affect vanilla helos, such as: Commanche Pawnee Humingbird Ghosthawk CH-47 Chinook But also affects some RHS ones as well I haven;t noticed it until recently, but it definitely started before the latest patch, but we don't often use vanilla assets so it may have been around for a while but not showing in RPT's due to assets not being used. Feel free to add me on steam if you wish to discuss further, and I can copy over the specific errors that are showing up (there are quite a few). Otherwise I can just post them here. Thx
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    [MAV] Mavericks AU - Australian Arma Unit

    Mavericks have launched weekly Nam events for Fridays and Mondays, with our modern modset being offered for daily missions. Come join us at: http://discord.gg/S854TeU
  4. Squad name:- Mavericks AU Timezone/location : AEDT Australia (NSW/VIC time) Gamemode preference: Coop missions, tactical semi-realism style Website address: http://discord.gg/S854TeU Short description: Mavericks is an Oceanic (Aus/NZ) ArmA unit dedicated to serious fun. We focus mainly on tight knit tactical infantry gameplay in special forces style, but also include combined arms and platoon level coordinated operations. We offer missions daily on a react-based system, but generally have something running for off nights (such as Liberation, Antistasi, etc.) We are looking for 18+ mature players who are interested in working within a highly coordinated and cooperative environment, and if this is what you're looking for as a player please join the discord linked above and send an '@mayhem' and we can take it from there. Language: English