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  1. Hello mr555ru, first of all, thanks for your work. Although there are several mods/scripts focused in a similar way, yours is the only one that seems to work fine in multiplayer and with custom factions. I´m terrible with scripting (sometimes I try but as I really don´t understand it, rarely works) so could you please put the complete stop working script? I guess that it would be added in a trigger with an area (applied in an airport base for example)? Also I´d like to know what I have to put to introduce a third faction (independent), to make them fight against west and east sides. Here I leave other suggestions that I think that will make it even more enjoyable: - AI can call air strikes and artillery support (HE rounds, smoke and rockets). - a variation with Zeus limited to the playable faction, so it is no available the option to pick/move enemy units. Cheers!