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  1. Hey guys, about two or three years ago, I was able to publish two very simple multiplayer scenario mods with a lot of help from the community. Now that I have more free time, I am trying to design a bigger scenario for myself. So far I've been able to build the mod within the editor. All the scripts were written within the init box inside the editor. all the nodes have been linked to all kinds of trigger box, pcs, and npcs, which eventually created a hell of a mess. So, I would like to try building mod in free scripting, but i'm still confused and want to ask how you guys usually do it. When building a scenario, do you use your editor only to place objects? or do you guys never use the editor?
  2. Far East Lieutenant

    [CO-04/CO-08]The Tragedy of Coriolanus 1-2

    And I would like to return all the thanks to you and everyone for all the support :) Merry Christmas and I wish you fair winds and following seas for 2019!
  3. Hey Guys a second mission has been published on Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1601808765 This mission is made vanilla with additional scripts, and of course I will post an Add-on version as well. All additional scripts are fully credited to the respective original creators. This is a second mission of a co-op campaign "The Tragedy of Coriolanus", motived by Gaius Marcius Coriolanus, a legendary Roman general referred by numerous historians, artists, and play-writers. Some of you have already read my previous post, I'm a scripting noob and with this opportunity I extend my appreciation to everyone who supported making this mission. Hope you guys enjoy the mission and please feel free to share any suggestion to better the playability. Previous Mission Mission Info: Operation Spartan Solution, The Tragedy of Coriolanus 1-2 Team Composition for CP-04 Mission Back Ground Update Next Mission Credits
  4. Far East Lieutenant

    Issues unsolved on my mission

    @pierremgi, Feels like I'm looking at a dictionary again. Even though I barely understand the relationship between server and client, but what you suggested will have less burden to the server if I may guess. So what I'll do is that I will try to understand the above script, then give a shot on explaining that logic, change it for my mission and that will be my first update. I'm trying to have my nephews play this on Christmas so I cant delay this much longer. To your last comment yeah I guess I got a long way ahead of me, but hey, I couldn't even have taken my first step if it were not for you guys. Plus it's always fun to learn. So thanks and Merry Christmas.
  5. Far East Lieutenant

    Issues unsolved on my mission

    @JohnKalo So I tried your method this way, It works fine with all player slots, but only one small problem: an error box pops up at the start of the game saying p8 is an undefined variable. So I played the game with player8 to find out what was wrong. It works just fine, but again an errorbox pops up this time it says p7 is an undefined variable. But still your way works and I'll try to find out why "undefined variable"issue pops up even though all players and markers are named correctly without any malfunction. @Grumpy Old Man, I tried your method too, but I still have a hard time even trying to understand what you wrote haha.... So I put it this way, but an errorbox pops up and is not working. Probably I didn't understand your script. Anyways thanks guys for the tips!
  6. Far East Lieutenant

    Issues unsolved on my mission

    @JohnKalo, hey man it works!!!!!!!!! While you check the process I applied above with your advice, I gave a few more changes: 1. Set timer's Min Mid Max time to 16sec. 2. I set the triggers activation owner to Any Player. Somehow, after enabled the the task process working! So now, what I'm going to do is to make another trigger for player2, bravo squad leader, and check if the triggers work out for both alpha and bravo. EDIT1: hey trigger for player2 also works. All I have to do is to make triggers for all 8 players. Thanks man. I think I'll have my mission out in a few days. So for anyone having a similar problem with me, check this post. So now 2 of the 3 issues are solved. Thanks to everyone.
  7. Far East Lieutenant

    Issues unsolved on my mission

    @JohnKalo, hey hope you are having good weekend. So gave a shot on your method, but its not working haha... anyways hers how I tried it: Then I started as multiplayer. With Task Alpha1 assigned, p1 re-spawned at the beach. Finished Task Alpha1, then Task Alpha2 will not be assigned, which makes this one not working. But your theory should be correct because it is supposed to be reconnecting the respawned player to the task again. I think I'm missing something in the middle, so I will try to give variations like timer set 16 sec and stuff like that. Anyway really thanks for the advice! :)
  8. Far East Lieutenant

    Issues unsolved on my mission

    This might be a long process, but I will try this right away and get back to you with results. Thanks for the tip! :)
  9. Far East Lieutenant

    [SP/CO-04]Operation Primus Pilus v1.3 - Addon Version Released

    @pierremgi, I'm on the verge of releasing my second mission, which you already know. But I still can't get the respawn system included. The loadout problem has been addressed with your help, but I got another problem with task progress, because I envolved two teams on this mission. The first mission I posted was able to be fixed because it only involves a single team on a task progress, so all i had to do was to set the CreateTask Module owner "All-playable". Let me re-explain the situation so others can also read about this. I tried a number of solutions including your suggestion by setting the module owner: 'Synchronized to selected Group' or 'Synchronized to selected Group', But for some reason, players don't get re-tasked upon respawn. As soon as they complete current task assigned, the next task won't fire. Setting the module to 'All-playable' allows players to get re-tasked upon respawn, but they are also assigned tasks for the other team, which will probably make players confused, because they have to re-assign themselves continuously. For example, if Alpha team finishes AlphaTask 1, Alpha and Bravo both get assigned with AlphaTask 2, and Bravo has to re-adjust their task settings back to BravoTask 1. So I'm considering 3 options: 1. Publish the 2nd mission with revive system only. 2. Post-pone publishing the mission until respawn system is complete. 3. Publish the mission with revive and respawn hoping players will find a clue regarding task assignment.
  10. Far East Lieutenant

    Issues unsolved on my mission

    @pierremgi So, knowing that I messed up the copy & paste, I tried to re-align the files. I hope it makes sense. 1. on "init.sqf" - nul = [] execVM "intro.sqf"; // no change 2. on "initPlayerLocal.sqf" 3. on "onPlayerRespawn.sqf" 4. on "onPlayerKilled.sqf" and I also got other files "checkFuel.sqf", "description.ext", "intro.sqf", but they are related to intro and sounds so I think they don't matter. Also, if you want, I will upload em on the google drive for you to check. Forgive my lack of scripting haha...it really feels like a baby learning how to walk
  11. Far East Lieutenant

    Issues unsolved on my mission

    Currently, this is how additional files are set up. on "onPlayerRespawn.sqf", I put on "initPlayerLocal.sqf" Also in "init", I put nul = [] execVM "intro.sqf"; // thats the only line I added. So maybe I messed up the pasting part, because while writing this post I can see It's kinda redundunt
  12. Far East Lieutenant

    Issues unsolved on my mission

    @pierremgi, my bad I got too many problems popping up so I thought I should compile all those in one post. Sorry if I caused disturbance due to making another post. So I've tried out the scripts by pasting them on onPlayerRespawn.sqf, and it somehow creates a very long black box appear at the start of the game. I will re try your scripts again right away after finishing this post and give you the feedback. And I've tried out the scripts that I put in #1, it still creates those small error boxes but kinda works. I also tested setting Blufor as the owner of "CreateTask Modules", but problems are the same. Alpha squad players receive tasks of Bravo and Bravo members viceversa. So I think I should get this done while having the owners set as "Groups of syncronized objects" Again, sorry if I created disturbance in this sub-forum and thanks to all for helping me out.
  13. Far East Lieutenant

    Issues unsolved on my mission

    First, @JohnKalothanks for the reply. Its a shame to be a noob and right at the starting point. And thanks again to @Grumpy Old Man, now I understand respawned players is a new object, thus cannot carry on given tasks unless you use the method you stated above. So now it makes sense that when I set the module owner to "All playable units", respawned players can still continue with their tasks because they are still playable units. But this cannot be the final solution because different squads will keep getting assigned with tasks of another squad. So if I may ask for more questions, #1 This is rather a simple question, could you give me more answers on how I should use onPlayerRespawn.sqf or respawn eventhandler. Honestly, I really have no idea and I've used modules on this mission or how I should carry this on. #2 In my mission there are two different squads carrying out different set of tasks. Alpha is tasked with task1, 2, 3 while Bravo is tasked with task A,B,C. So knowing what issue#2 is, while setting the owner of the "createTask"Modules to "Groups of synchronized objects", is it possible to make the re-spawned players to be re-allocated to each squad and their initial task group? So what I want is if a player gets killed and respawns, he can carry on with his tasks. But it's fun to learn and thanks again for helping me out here. :)
  14. Hey guys, Straight to the point to save your time, here are the issues a noob is going through: 1. In-game Loadout changed through Virtual Arsenal disappears upon respawn. 2. Task progress is halted upon respawn. 3. Position Sharing btw BLUFOR squads on the map don't work. So here are the game set-up and brief scenario. Set up: Eden Editor and 3den Enhanced Add-on to build my mission. Scenario: 1. Squad Alpha and Squad Bravo have to finish given tasks to complete the mission. 2. Both squads start inside rhibs. My assumption on issue #1,#2 is that they come from the same reason: player loses given 'variable name' upon respawn, but I don't know this is true. Issue#1: Partially Addressed, but creates errorbox Issue#2: Partially Addressed, but creates serious flaw in game.(Assuming this is also connected to issue #1) Issue#3: Unaddressed So these are the unaddressed issues. And If my assumption is right, it will create another problem. There is a part where squad alpha and bravo merge into a same squad, and i put this script below to a trigger to enable it. if variable names are lost upon respawn, this part will also get lost too. Thanks for reading it and i would really appreciate any kind of comment. I wish I knew how to do scripting.
  15. Far East Lieutenant

    Major problem after adding sqf script

    Alright, I managed to address the issues, but I still have some problems still: 1. To solve "I want to have players keep all custom loadouts from Virtual Arsenal in-game": apply the methods in this link: But I still have an issue, that is when I start the game, I get two errors: A) [BIS_fnc_loadInventory] Inventory "inventory_var" Not Found. - This pops up at the start of the game. B) [BIS_fnc_baseWeapon] not found in cfgweapons- This happens when I enter the Virtual Arsenal 2. To solve "I tasks won't progress further after respawn since my newly spawned character is not the same guy from the start" I was using "createtask Module", so all I had to do was set the owner from "Groups of synchronized units" to "All playable units". But this also has a problem, that all players can find other BLUFOR squad's tasks, and even assign it as their own task. So I hope this last post gives some clue to anyone, and thanks to @pierremgi for helping me out here.