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  1. Can I somehow limit the speed of certain player controlled vehicle in multiplayer? What I'm trying to do is to set max speed for UGV Stomper... Any help?
  2. jonipetteri

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    EOD mod. Period.
  3. Hi! Is there any missions that are using Talon Bots? I'm trying to do one by myself but stucked with bot. I'm aware of Spectres and EODS, and even tried those, but couldn't get wanted results. Any help, ideas or workarounds are more than welcome!
  4. jonipetteri

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Hey SENSEII, Are you still working on this?
  5. Nice! Thanks a lot!
  6. Thanks, you little grumpy old man!
  7. It doesn't take damage?!
  8. jonipetteri

    Project injury reaction

    Thanks for your effort! Great mod. Any known issues with 1.VCOM or 2.ASR or 3.ALiVE?
  9. jonipetteri

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Actually I haven't. Thanks for the tip! Have to check.
  10. jonipetteri

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Hey guys! I'm having this small thing during gameplay in KP Liberation Altis. Every minute, or so, game is lagging.. I think it has to do something with autosave system. Is there a way to increase autosave cycle time to, for example, 5 minutes? Anyone? Thanks.
  11. jonipetteri

    GF Auto Loot Road Crash Script - Mod

    Rock'n roll! I've been a bit busy last week but did some quick testing and works like a charm, without any errors. Thank you so much once again George! Although one thing came to my mind: It would be nice if mission makers could define an area(s), with 3den markers, where crashes are meant to be spawned. I know there is this "blacklist-markers"-setup, but IMO it would be simpler and easier to do with "spawning-area-marker-thing"... For example, if I want to make some battle scars only in certain city/village and on to the way between this city/village and starting position of the mission. My dev-wishlist in short: 1.Possibility to make area markers for the spawn 2.Possibility to define amount of crashes in area marker You know what I'm trying to say...? 🙂
  12. jonipetteri

    Compilation List of my GF Scripts - Mods

    Well, that was quick... Thank you George! I'll put it in test right away.
  13. jonipetteri

    Compilation List of my GF Scripts - Mods

    Oh man, we love you! Thank for all the effort.
  14. jonipetteri

    Compilation List of my GF Scripts - Mods

    I can't even imagine... :) But thanks again.
  15. jonipetteri

    Compilation List of my GF Scripts - Mods

    Hey GF, Thanks for your absolutely amazing and helpful work! I think whole community is pleased by your arsenal of scripts. Hopefully you are keeping up the effort. Another thing: I was thinking if you are able to do script like your crashsites, but with vehicles? Like vehicle wrecks, little burning things, some smoke here and there, maybe some trashes and so on... Off course it should be something based on a roads.. This kind of script could be one hell of a bonus to the immersion of the battlefield. Thanks!
  16. Oh yeah, we are waiting for the updates! Thanks a lot! Btw, can I use SOCOM with ALiVE? I don't know why, yet, but anyway...
  17. I would love to see some kind of EOD-, IED- and/or mine disposal missions. There is way too less out there...
  18. jonipetteri

    VCOM vs ASR

    Thanks, mate! Might be the easiest way to check that mission. Someone allready done the setup... :)
  19. jonipetteri

    VCOM vs ASR

    Hey guys! I was just wondering, if anyone can tell which AI-modification is better in a way or another? Which one you use or like more? Thanks for advance
  20. jonipetteri

    VCOM vs ASR

    Thanks for the information! Going to test...
  21. jonipetteri

    VCOM vs ASR

    Interesting... I'm currently using ASR with ALiVE and can confirm it works without problems, at least for now. Definetly have to put both at the same to test. Thanks a lot for sharing this!
  22. jonipetteri

    VCOM vs ASR

    For now I've used ASR, and yeah and I know its not that much effort to test... I was just asking opinions of these mods.
  23. I'm not 100% sure what you mean, but if you are making some missions, you can use High Command Module.