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  1. I already asked there. However Goko said this:



    Mod is open-source. 
    You can read the code or contribute on github as says top of the page ->https://github.com/the0utsider/ballistic-impact/tree/master/addons/goko_BI/functions 

    Particle methods used:

    To detect a shot you use handleDamage eventhandler:



    Just not sure what to do with it or how to use it.

  2. On 3/8/2019 at 10:35 PM, GEORGE FLOROS GR said:


    You can already do that with this script - mod , except from Max zombies.

    It might work if you set the settings to get spawned as east , because i have them right now as independent and i haven't check this to be honest.


    In order to do this you can add a line in the Units_Array.sqf :

    GF_APZ_Zombies = GF_APZ_Max_zombies + GF_APZ_Ryanzombies + GF_APZ_Ravage;

    andd add this to the GF_Auto_Population_Zombie_Main_Settings.sqf :

    //______________________ Enemies Settings ___________________
    //______________________ Set true or false  ___________________
    //	Select_Zombies from the Units_Array.sqf  
    //	GF_APZ_Ryanzombies , GF_APZ_Max_zombies , GF_APZ_Ravage , GF_APZ_Custom_1
    GF_APZ_Select_Zombies						= GF_APZ_Zombies;


    But as i told you Max 's Zombies were not friendly with the others and it's from the mods script i think.But if you want try as east.

    Thanks, although I meant the features.


    For exmaple Ravage has only good animations - Ryans has the superior features ( attacking cars, jumping, exploding heads etc) And Max has monsters and females.

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  3. 36 minutes ago, MuRaZorWitchKING said:

    No that was me genuinely asking. Never hurts to try ya know. Who knows, maybe you could figure it out? 

    No problem . But I’m sure would be easier for others that have some years of experience where I would learn from scratch. I would rather pay someone for their time to work on it 

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  4. No problem Haleks. But i wonder if Sanchez would let you place head gore. 


    Another thing is, Ryan’s is dead, the mod will never be updated , so it’s dead content. 



    on top of that, the highly successful warfare Thai mod has used Ryan’s zombies and modified them to shit . How come his mod hasn’t been removed ? 



    I could start a crowdfunded for you 



    why why is this forum moderated by such lefty snowflakes ? Censoring anything and deleting why they don’t like . 

  5. 2 hours ago, gaverio said:


    Definitely interested. Do you have to use explosives to disable the sirens and in doing so you "liberate" the area?

    Where you using St_KillShotCam Mod ? Because I remember having an issue where, depending the distance and the amount of bandits (always the last one), zombies will start spawning like crazy (around that last one bandit).



    Those are Zombies and Demons features....you're in the Zombies and Ghosts thread, dude 😛


    You just stating the obvious . So would it not be good to have those features in ravage ? 

  6. On 2/25/2019 at 8:59 PM, chernaruski said:

    @haleks if you still around and interested in continuing ravage mod dev , I have a few more recommendations :

    1. Zombies dirty uniforms : the clothes do look better when they are covered with dirt and such , but on some clothes (for example - priest ropes, coats and such - CUP's units one) it looks really strange and reminds me of a "glitched" texture. Well , its quad-bike dirt rvmat , so I understand why...   Have you considered applying the vanilla injured (blood all over the clothes) rvmats instead , so the zeds will be covered with blood instead?

    One of the following:

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    "A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\Data\clothing1_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\Data\clothing1_injury.rvmat","A3\Characters_F\Common\Data\basicbody_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Common\Data\basicbody_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Common\Data\coveralls_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Common\Data\coveralls_injury.rvmat","A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_bald_muscular_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_bald_muscular_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_black_bald_muscular_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_black_bald_muscular_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_hairy_muscular_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_hairy_muscular_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_old_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_white_old_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_asian_bald_muscular_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\Heads\Data\hl_asian_bald_muscular_injury.rvmat"};

    I've tested the coveralls_injury and it looks really nice , like if the zeds had a major banquet lately 😉

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    2. While running Exile mod , I had to use Exilez spawner to spawn zeds.  And what I really liked about it is the total control of how/when/where they will spawn. With Ravage it feels like you have only a partial control over the spawned zeds. Since I heavily use the zombies modules I would like you to consider adding features like:

    - Integrating some kind of a loot drop script , to make zombies drop loot when killed. I know its easy to implement , for example with GF loot drop script.
    - Possibility of adding vests/backpacks/head-wear/face-wear to zombies, the same way we add custom uniforms override list.
    - Direct control over the zed type. At the moment Ravage have Walking, Running & Bolting zeds, wouldn't it be better just to use % value for each ?  walkers_pos=50% , runner_pos=40%, bolters_pos=10%. like so...

    I know all of the above is possible to do with 3-rd party custom scripts, but maybe you will be in favor of adding it directly to zeds spawn module so the server owners/mission creators will have it all in one package.

    3.  Bleeding & infection chance when hit by zombies.  I miss the extra challenge of not being hit by zeds or you will have to deal with consequences, such as cleaning the wound / infection , looking for bandages or bleed out,  looking for that holy grail of anti-virus injector , having to deal with health deterioration because of the infection.
    4.  Adding 4-th extra tough zed type which will appear only during night time.  This one may be tricky, since it will require a new model and animations for it to be added.  Thats why this is at the bottom 😉


    I been saying this all along. Ryanz zeds features into ravage would be the perfect zombie mod, like you said< they attack cars, have a powerful demon and with the addition of exile gibbing feature.... It's a no fucking brainer! Just take the features! Lord bookah did it for warfare thai!

    This is the opportunity to have the greatest of all

    Imagine ravage zeds with gibbing< head decaps< ability to attack cars (for example i can be chased by 100 zeds jump in a car and i'm fine. Lol) and heavy militant zombie demons.

    We need this.