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  1. Built my computer yesterday, will run the benchmark when I get my gfx next week.
  2. Ok thanks for your answer. It seemes for the moment that I will go with the 2070, if nothing extreme happens to the prices in the 2 weeks until next pay check.
  3. Ok, I started looking at the 2070 now when the price difference seems to be about 100€ between the two. Already ordered the 9900k and 16g 3600 ram. The 8700k that i planned to use seems to be impossible to buy currently and I got a "good deal" on the 9900k and it was in stock.
  4. How is 2070 working with arma 3? Good enough for 1440p?
  5. Ok only playing 1080p so a 1060 6GB will be ok then?
  6. I will have a system with 8700k i7 and only plays arma. What is the best gpu in that case?