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  1. I started the journey of getting into Arma 3 the other day, and last night I completed the prologue of the campaign. No problems at this point. This morning, less than twelve hours after the last session and seemingly without any rhyme or reason, I suddenly could not use the WASD controls, or other letter key controls, to move or accomplish anything. The arrow keys work, but I hate using them due to how unnatural they feel. I found this issue at the very beginning of the Drawdown 2035 mission. I checked the key bindings and found they were setup for WASD configuration. I eventually learned that the regular letter keyboard controls work if I hold the Alt key; however, it keeps my character moving in a single direction in a way that's difficult to stop. At this point, the game is unplayable until I can get this problem solved, and I want to play it. If anyone has any idea what my problem is and is willing to help me, I would be grateful if you could reply to this post.
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    Suddenly can't use WASD controls

    Upon seeing your comment, I verified the game files on Steam and loaded up Drawdown 2035, and the controls are working again. Thank you so very much for helping me with this issue; you are a godsend.