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    Need a sandbox map.

    This game could really use a sandbox type map where people could basically just play consistantly in a event. Kinda like a playground of sorts to finesse their adjustment to the game. The tutorial is great but more interaction with others is a must to fully be prepared for your first event. This being designed as a cutthroat experience i can understand some will balk at this idea but this experience is not just for those who are naturally great at games lime these, the experience is for meant for all. What harm could come from helping others be a better challenge for you vets?
  2. Shawn Conner

    Minor Bugs and Annoyances

    So i bought and played this game for the first time yesterday. Here are my thoughts.....great overall delivery of environment, movement mapping could use work when climbing ladders. Going up is fine but trying to climb down the character model gets stuck and glitches on the ladder eventually falling to ypur death. Lost great loot that way. Secondly, player teaming against solo seems to be another issue ive encountered. Ive hit four matches with players running together and ganging up on soloists. Thought duos and solos were seperated? Third, there definitely seems to be another variable missing yet. I saw a post from a player suggesting PvE and i think that would be awesome. Yet i think breaking a location into two sides and letting two teams build up their encampments together through teamwork and then battling to take over eachothers base would be a killer addition. Like base wars. In a apocalypse this wpuld happen frequently between survival groups. Maybe implement traps to be set when crafting is unlocked? What do you think?