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  1. Thank you for replying, i already did that. Well i solved it anyway, i found the folder and just tried and deleted it, (\tempMissionMP.Altis) weird but it worked, hope it helps if anyone else has a strange problem like this. cheers!
  2. Hi, im getting a strange message when i try to launch and join MP servers, i know it all worked fine before i moved some things around from one drive to another, i've played Arma and recently also downloaded Apex, it all works fine except when i want to join and play on a server. I can\t launch my own server, i tried various ways, nada, always the same error message: "No entry: C:\Users\(*Myusername)\Documents\Arma3\mpmissions\tempMissionMP.Altis\mission.sqm.Mission" I think maybe i deleted some folder by mistake and now it cant find some directory to launch or something. Does anyone know how i can fix this please? looked online cant find anything. Many thanks if you can help. BTW i was trying a MP on Tanoa so not sure what the Altis .sqm had to do with it anyway?
  3. peejayvee

    ASR AI 3

    I\m afraid this is still happening, was using asrai3 with alive and a bunch of other mods including high command.. dude would stand up when i left him prone, then aventually he legged it about 2 kms back to where the mission started, and i couldnt see him on high command either.. had to restart the mission and drop asrai3 grrrr