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  1. Hey evryone, I am glad that I found this topic about igiload script, considering the work required to mantain and update the script for each and every mod I can understand that the author backed off and generously offered to only support some units, that being said some of you realized the potential of this script and actually managed to make some modifications for it to work with mods like RHS, Exile, etc, etc. I could not find a place where people can actually share their work with the igiload script, so I created a topic in the armaholic forum that I will mantain throughout time. If you are willing to share your work with the igiload script for any mod, please contact me and send me your .sqf file and I will make it available for the rest of the community. Hopefully and with practice it will become easier to add mods to the igiload script and even perhaps write a tutorial for the community to use. The script has great potential and it is a link for mods to operate together like for example the C130, C17, C5 from USAF mod with MBTs from RHS and as you know an ulimited other number of possible combinations. I believe this script is not used more widely because it is not known and also because of the complexity involved in adding other mods. I hope to see your contributions and long live to the igiload script. Link to the conversation topic in armaholic With best regards and thank you, Lau
  2. Hey everyone, I have been trying to add RHS "rhsusf_m1a2sep1tuskid_usarmy" and "USAF_C17" to work with igiload script. Would be nice to know if any of you have actually managed to do this or perhaps if you could give me some light as to how I could achieve this. Below is a sample of the modifications I am currently trying, the script works as intended but not with the units I am trying to add, that being said USAF_C17 already has the script integrated in the pbo and this is perhaps not allowing me to bring any modification. Thank you in advance, With best regards, Lau // Supported vehicles IL_Supported_Vehicles_MBT = ["rhsusf_m1a2sep1tuskid_usarmy"]; IL_Supported_Vehicles_C17 = ["USAF_c17","globemaster_c17_altus", "globemaster_c17_701", "globemaster_c17_703", "globemaster_c17_704", "globemaster_c17_705", "globemaster_c17_dover", "globemaster_c17_edwards", "globemaster_c17_Elmendorf", "globemaster_c17", "globemaster_c17_hickam", "globemaster_c17_IAF", "globemaster_c17_March", "globemaster_c17_mcchord", "globemaster_c17_McGuire", "globemaster_c17_Mississipi", "globemaster_c17_NATO", "globemaster_c17_natoPAPA", "globemaster_c17_Qatar", "globemaster_c17_RAAF", "globemaster_c17_ZZ172_RAF", "globemaster_c17_RCAF", "globemaster_c17_Stewart", "globemaster_c17_therock", "globemaster_c17_travis", "globemaster_c17_UAE", "globemaster_c17_wright_patt"]; //Supported cargo IL_Supported_MBT = ["rhsusf_m1a2sep1tuskid_usarmy"]; IL_Supported_Cargo_Veh_C17 = IL_Supported_Cargo_Veh_C130J; IL_Supported_Cargo_NonVeh_C17 = IL_Supported_Cargo_NonVeh_C130J; IL_Supported_Cargo_C17 = IL_Supported_Cargo_Veh_C17 + IL_Supported_Cargo_NonVeh_C17;