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    [SP]SAINT 4-1: Helicopter Pilot Altis

    This is probably my favorite mission, along with DUWS variants. Such a fun way to get more experience with handling helis in Arma! I would love to see a MP version too, would be a blast with my son :]. Thanks for the great work!
  2. Yes, I do not see them in the Launcher. Armaholic is a good idea, I forgot about that site. Still, I would be glad if I knew how to fix the launcher...
  3. Hi! I have subscribed to 2 new mods - Task_Force_Radio and Opposition [ACE3], both are marked as subscribed in the Steam workshop but did not appear among the mods in the launcher. I have tried un- and re-subscribing them, didn't help. Other mods work fine. I do not see the mods in the hidden folder !Workshop, but they were downloading in the Steam client. Is there anything I could do?