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  1. My CPU is at about 50% and temps are from 50°-60°. I verified the game files like 3 times and i have everything on high and grass and particles on very low. My view distance is at 600 everywhere.
  2. Hello, a few days ago i downloaded Arma 3 again and everything was going well. At some point I closed my game and opened it back up after a few minutes and joined an official server and my game just froze after 5 minutes. Im not able to close it with task manager because the frozen game is always in front of everything. To close the game i have to restart my whole computer. Sometimes i still hear sound and see the ingame mous but i cant click anything... I have tried reinstalling the game but it did not help. I also disabled analytics but this also didnt do anything. I also reinstalled my grphics drivers, still no change. Im playing without mods, just vanilla. My specs: AMD RYZEN 5 2600X MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon GTX 1060 6GB 16 GB DDR4 RAM Game on a 240GB SSD. I have looked around the forum but wasnt able to find a helping solution. Im very thankful for every suggestion that will be made and hopefulle this issue will be resolved soon.