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  1. A other player and I boosted the crate to rare. Well, after killing the people trying to get the crate. I run to the exit, get to base, then proceed to open the crate. Well the crate was uncommon instead of rare. This was a complete waste of crowns. I’d like to see if maybe I can just get my crowns back to try and boost it again. Or just get the rare crate that it was intended to be in the first place. I play this game all the time. I have high hopes for this game. But stuff like this is making it hard to keep playing. It’s frustrating grinding to get something and when you finally get the chance to get it something like that happens to start you back from square one. Much thanks in the help in advance! 

  2. I play sneaky and aggressive haha, I'll kit up and loot. Also I've found it easier to kill people and take their stuff they have looted that has helped me so much to level up mu shelter to almost 7. The grind is real though. But I do feel bad taking other people's mats haha

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  3. I usually get on and just grind out during this time because im trying to level up my crafting table to make the m21 but now I haveto get my shelter to level 7 just to finish that. I'm so close to level 7 as it is and now I'm stuck twiddling my thumbs hahaha

  4. Is there no encounter sites showing up for a reason? Because mine is all grayed out. Is this just for me or for everyone? If there is a way to fix it if it's a bug or glitch on my end please tell me what I need to do to fix it ??

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  5. Bullet time is way off right now, you have to lead too far on your target while they are running. Enemy wasn't even 40 yards out and running along side where I was at and had to lead a good 5 feet away from him just to hit my mark. Also when shooting at a enemy at close range bullets take too long to get to target causing easy shots to miss because of bullet time being so slow. Needs to be fixed. I mostly play games that requires  you lead and aim for distance and this is by far too exaggerated