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  1. kityatyi

    Laws of War DLC Mines

    Please make the beeping sound stay on after detecting a mine - it's totally unrealistic that it silences once a mine is revealed. Or at least, please make it an option.
  2. Works like a charm! Thank you kindly for your help!
  3. Figured out myself too, shouldn't have bothered you with this, the error message basically tells what was the issue. Thank you very much once again, the mission launched perfectly now, let's see how it's dealing with the dead count. :-)
  4. The following error message came up when starting the mission.
  5. Thank you very much, will give it a try!
  6. Hello! Noob here - could you please let me know how to trigger a "Mission Failed " if 5 or more units in my group die? I have a simple SP scenario where I am part of an 8 strong BLUFOR squad (I am not the Team Leader, if it matters) trying to secure a compound full of CSAT soldiers. I would like to have the mission failed if five or more soldiers from my squad are dead. Please let me know what is the easiest way to achieve this, what code should I write and where? Thank you in advance!
  7. Thank you so much, it works like a charm! The guy even spawn on the rooftop, lol! :-)
  8. Thank you for your response, greatly appreciate it! The building is part of the map. But where should I write the code? In the Init of the officer?
  9. Hello all, I am a fresh spawn in the world of Arma - and a total newbie to anything scripting related. I would like to make a very, very simple scenario - for learning purposes - where an enemy officer spawns inside a two storey house. However, I don't want him to always spawn at the same spot, I want him to spawn at one of the few pre-defined but randomly selected locations. I can already set up as many random spawn points as I want by using Markers / System / Empty and then linking this empty marker to the unit via Set Random Start. However, this does not allow me to define a spawn point on the second floor. Even if I place the marker on the second floor, the guy will still spawn on the ground floor, although horizontally he'll be at the right place. Could you please kindly explain - using simple, easy to follow steps - if it's possible to include among my random spawn points some that are not on the ground floor, and how to achieve this? I want to define roughly five possible starting positions for the enemy officer. Let's say. three on the ground floor, and two upstairs. So when I start the game, the enemy guy will not always be at the same place, adding some variety to the scenario. Then I can go in and kill him. :-) Thank you for your attention and help!