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  1. Hi, I am trying to implement an alarm system in my base using triggers, but I don't know how to create the code / logic ... can anyone help me, plz? So far I've done these triggers: Setup triggers: Setup alarm Setup turn on Setup turn off Loudspeaker Turn on alarm: OPFOR is in the area BLUEFOR is in the area INDEPENDENT has been detected by OPFOR INDEPENDENT was detected by BLUEFOR Turn off Alarm : OPFOR left the area BLUEFOR left the area (if there is 1 bluefor and 1 opfor in the area and only 1 leave, the alarm stops ringing - I need to fix it) But I'm having critical issues with these triggers: Another INDEPENDENT team is in the area (the trigger is activated even if it is only me in the area) Another INDEPENDENT team detected me (same problem as above) I imagine that the ideal and simplest logic would be to check if there are more than 1 group in place to trigger the alarm, is it possible to configure a trigger to do this?