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    Battleye: Memory Corrupted #0?

    @stanhope I completely uninstalled arma 3, and steam, then performed a a fresh install of steam and arma - no mods (because KOTH needs no mods). Again on joining KOTH, received a batteleye Memory Corrupted #0 error. Here is the contents of my .rpt file. Do you see anything that could cause this?
  2. ShaKi-78

    Battleye: Memory Corrupted #0?

    Yes game files verified via steam no errors. I am able to join unit missions and play single missions just fine. Just public battleye servers won't let me join even when no mods are loaded... RPT???
  3. Getting this error, preventing me from joining official servers. No mods loaded. Pls help?
  4. Hi. Loving Warlords it has loads of potential! But saving up for ages to purchase premium vehicles and aircraft, then when you disconnect your purchased assets are just gone and have to start saving from scratch again. How can we save purchased vehicles to be available again after we disconnect and rejoin later?
  5. ShaKi-78

    Arma 3 map coordinate zoom fault

    @Dedmen @Chairborne I am thinking that the creators of these maps wanted to create maps where the coordinates increase in a direction as they would in the southern hemisphere. It almost looks as though it works, until you compare the scrolled-in vs scrolled-out coordinates as in my original post.
  6. ShaKi-78

    Arma 3 map coordinate zoom fault

    @Dedmen @Chairborne it is a fault. If you go to the Virtual Reality map in eden editor, go to the coordinate 0000,0000. Then scroll south of that. You will see the same effect. Any true 2d coordinate system should increase again "South" of the "Equator". But not Arma. But good suggestion i will contact the makers of these maps as well. @Beyonslay no fix yet. The workaround is to check if you are playing any map where the vertical map coordinates are increasing downward, to make sure you are zoomed in when providing coordinates or when you have to mark these on the map and make sure your team mates do the same.
  7. I noticed that for any of the maps where the vertical scale on the left increases from top to bottom (instead of the default bottom to top), like for example on any of the Chenarus and Sahrani maps, that there is a glitch with the coordinates. The zoomed in coordinates do not match those when zoomed out. To reproduce, open the map United Sahrani and zoom out until the contour interval changes from 10m to 20m. Place your cursor so that the cursor horizontal line is in line with one of the 2 digits on the left (example 10 in line with the town of Paraiso). So that horizontal should correspond to 100 if I convert to a 3 digit reference. Now zoom in one step closer without adjusting the position of your mouse, so that the contour interval changes from 20m to 10m. You will see on the left is now indicated 109, instead of 100 !!! Put in another way, if someone is given a 6 digit grid coordinate on this map, for example 075 095, but they found this coordinate while they were zoomed out to 20m contour inerval, then if the person who is plotting that coordinate is zoomed in to 10m contour interval and they plot that position, they will incorrect by 1km to the North. Before replying with angry rants - just do a test yourselves on Chenarus and Sahrani and any other maps where the coordinates do not increase from top to bottom, and left to right (the positive xy quadrant on a Cartesian coordinate system).