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  1. Pity! It allowed you as pilot to know where the gunner was facing. Without it, its virtually impossible for gunner to point out clearly to the pilot where a target is and vice versa. I just found the radar I am looking for on the "MELB_AH6M". I knew I saw this circular radar icon somewhere recently. But its not showing up for any of my other aircraft that I could find so far.
  2. I don't have the little circular radar in the top centre of my HUD when I fly, but I see it on many youtube videos. Is it specific to some aircraft, some mod, Standard vs Advanced Flight Model, or some game setting that I turned off by accident?
  3. Hallo. I have noted the ACE interaction with ACRE radios include the ability to "bend antenna upward" and then "straighten antenna". I have not been able to find any documentation that describes what this is used for/what the effect is on the different radios? Update: Found it.... The antenna direction for infantry is simulated as being relative to the direction of their back. If radio antenna direction is not ignored (see below) this can be observed by having difficulties receiving transmissions from other players who are prone if you are standing and vice versa as the antennas will be out of alignment. However it is possible to manually align the antenna by bending it in order to improve signal quality. To keep it as simple as possible, there are only two possible antenna alignments, the player can choose between the two via ACE Interaction Menu.
  4. Good question. It should be perfectly possible to put the aircraft in autohover and manipulate the gunner optics. I only managed this in one aircraft, the AH-6X Little Bird ULB from CUP. You need a UAV terminal, then "Hack UAV" before entering the aircraft, then while flying from Pilot or Co-pilot seat, you can connect to the Turret view which allows you to look around with the gunner optic as well as fire the laser. Pity this does not have more weapons and does not work for other aircraft. Really cool for training/SP missions or small MP missions where one does not have a co-pilot.
  5. ShaKi-78

    Battleye: Memory Corrupted #0?

    thanks. doesn't work for me. i launched arma, stayed in main for 15 minutes, then joined server and got kicked with the error while in slot selection.
  6. ShaKi-78

    Battleye: Memory Corrupted #0?

    im still on V19.67
  7. ShaKi-78

    Battleye: Memory Corrupted #0?

    yes. The Arma 3 launcher starts first when click Play in Steam. After getting dropped out of the server with message "You were kicked off the game. (Batlleye: Corrupted Memory #0)" my BattleEye Log Messages in the launcher window only displays: 16:01:20 Starting BattleEye Service... 16:01:35 Launching the game... Nothing else... I just completed now removing all my Battleye folders, uninstalling Visual Studio C++ Redistributable 2013, restarted and reinstalled Visual Studio C++ Redistributable 2013, and launched the game with Steam to the the arma3 launcher. Same issue. "You were kicked off the game. (Batlleye: Corrupted Memory #0)"
  8. ShaKi-78

    Battleye: Memory Corrupted #0?

    no. i see it in the rpt file but i did not add it. i use arma from a straight up Steam install. i am trying to play mutiplayer on a local KOTH server. Any public server kicks me with the Corrupted Memory #0 error.
  9. ShaKi-78

    Battleye: Memory Corrupted #0?

    Hallo @lex__1. Re other post by BennyTelstar, please may you also assist me with my issue. I will try removing all the BE files and reinstalling Visual C++ and BE as you described in the other post.
  10. ShaKi-78

    Battleye Corrupted Memory #0

    After getting dropped out of the server with message "Corrupted Memory #0", my BattleEye Log Messages in the launcher window only displays: 16:01:20 Starting BattleEye Service... 16:01:35 Launching the game... Nothing else.
  11. ShaKi-78

    Battleye Corrupted Memory #0

    I have same issue. Only difference, I could play regularly on KOTH without issue last year. Then had to resinstall my game from C drive onto External Drive, since then I get this error whenever I try to join public servers. See my post about it here.
  12. ShaKi-78

    Battleye: Memory Corrupted #0?

    @stanhope I completely uninstalled arma 3, and steam, then performed a a fresh install of steam and arma - no mods (because KOTH needs no mods). Again on joining KOTH, received a batteleye Memory Corrupted #0 error. Here is the contents of my .rpt file. Do you see anything that could cause this?
  13. ShaKi-78

    Battleye: Memory Corrupted #0?

    Yes game files verified via steam no errors. I am able to join unit missions and play single missions just fine. Just public battleye servers won't let me join even when no mods are loaded... RPT???
  14. Getting this error, preventing me from joining official servers. No mods loaded. Pls help?
  15. Hi. Loving Warlords it has loads of potential! But saving up for ages to purchase premium vehicles and aircraft, then when you disconnect your purchased assets are just gone and have to start saving from scratch again. How can we save purchased vehicles to be available again after we disconnect and rejoin later?