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  1. 1986 mods: zsl; rismark's; nikoaton's; whiplash static animations; CUP; FOW; IFA3; BTHBC; Grassland; UNSUNG; VETERAN MOD; The birds and the bees; ASCZ heads; PLP urban pack; PLP artwork supporter.
  2. NOW IS OUR TIME! lidl smoke, lidl fire, lidl screenshot. IK MODS: Operation TREBUCHET; ZL2 Static Poses; CSA38; Chernarus Redux; Demian2435 Police; Whiplash Static Animations; Japan Units; MGSR; Chroma Key Mod - Mages_GreenScreen; ZSL Static Poses [Scifi]; Chernobyl Zone; The_Unsung; 7Y Assets WW2; ZSL Static Poses [WW2]; Military Gear Pack; POLPOX'S Artwork Supporter; ATS; nikoaton's Animations Pack; Grassland; DIREONE'S Combat poses pack; Rismark's WW2 Pose Pack; 75th Ranger Regiment; Spec4Gear.v4.6; BTHBC; IFA3; CBA_A3; Blastcore; Geist-A3 LITE; US Military mod; Faces of war; CUP.
  3. Overlord Mods: IFA3; FoW; CUP; WW2 Objects; CSA 38; PolPox's AS; ZSL,Whiplash,Rismarck static poses; SAB's Air Libary
  4. WACO SIEGE Mods: RHS; CUP; 1990 Ford E350 /bmw e30; ZSL Poses; BTHBC; The Birds and the Bees; GSTAVOs M16A2; Grassland; Us Military Mod
  5. IDK Mods: Faces of War; CUP; IF; WW2 objects; PLP.
  6. Shining Lights, Even in Death Mods: Japan Units; MGSR; A3 Furniture Pack V1.1; Complementary Special Weapons; PLP Materials; Cartridge Cases; Rismarck's WW2 Pose Pack; CUP. Edited in opencanvas