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  1. Thank you very much, and sorry for being copying the text, i will try as you said. Thanks a lot
  2. Hello guys, i hope you can help me with this? look i have this code for an helicopter rotor fail trainning: _vehicle = vehicle player; if (_vehicle isKindOf "Air") then { _vehicle addAction["<t color='#ff0000'>DESTROY: MAIN ROTOR</t>","(vehicle player) setHitPointDamage ['HitHRotor', 1.0]; hint 'ROTOR DESTROYED';",[],-98,false,false,"",'']; But i want it to run on every helicopter for everyone inside so it fails for every player inside the helicopter, i tested yesterday but i only saw the dmg the copilot didnt, he was still flying as normal, but in my pc the engine was damaged and stopped, but as my friend was copilot he continued flying as normal. I was testing this into the debug console on a dedicated server in nitrado, i excecuted it as global and local, without results Thanks guys i hope u understand my description.
  3. So the complete code Will be like this? { _x addAction ["<t color='#ff0000'>DESTROY: MAIN ROTOR</t>",{ params ["_target", "_caller", "_id"]; [_target,"HitHRotor", 1.0] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_setHitPointDamage",_target]; "ROTOR DESTROYED" remoteExec ["hint",crew _target]; _target removeAction _id },[],-98,false,false,"","_target == vehicle _this && alive _target"] } foreach (vehicles select {_x isKindOf "helicopter"}); with the new modified line? and should i put this into the init of each helicopter? or debug console? By the way thanks in advance for helping me out :)
  4. Im new to this forum sorry for using those big words :), and i need that code permanently active in the server because we hace an academy base for trainning so the helis are parked in the spots for the pilots to use them and with the scroll they can dmg the machine on air. So i need the failures can be activated anytime while in helicopters, that is why i was trying to use the debug to activate when flying the helis.