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  1. Dawid Don Davido

    EO GM Uniforms

    Hello. I also have a problem with white textures (Winter field park) and lose their expressiveness when it gives saturation.
  2. Dawid Don Davido

    EO GM Uniforms

    Hello Are you planning to extend to new uniforms ? I think that a few variations of Field Park Winter would be the most welcome in the post-apocalyptic world. XD
  3. Dawid Don Davido

    EO GM Uniforms

    Thank you for Link :) You really did it great, it makes a huge impression. The surroundings are great as well, it has a strong climate and is dark, until the shivers go through :) You just got a fan: D greetings Hello I wrote to armaholic to add your mod. GM is new and a lot of people are interested in it, your mod is more and more widely available, because it is simply amazing. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=35107 Greetings :)
  4. Dawid Don Davido

    EO GM Uniforms

    Hello, I've been waiting for something like that. Is it possible to put on armaholic or google drive? I would like to play in the parkas textures for my own use :) I would like to check whether it is possible to convert textures into uniforms similar to Russian ones used in the first war in Chechnya. I do not use complicated programs, mainly Gimp, but the effects are often very good. Greetings :)
  5. Support Call V2 (Universal mission customizer) http://kronzky.info/addons/supportcall/index.htm The first mod I used for Arma 3 and which I still use :)
  6. Hello again :) I have a question about '' configure IFA 3 options '' when we press pauses (Esc). Is it possible to remove this option because it is exactly in the same place as the "callsupport mod" option. It obscures this option and is necessary for me to manipulate time in the mission. Gunter, I saw your modifications on youtube and I think that it would work great with IFA 3. Regards :)
  7. You were right Gunter. The problem was solved and it was trivial. It was enough to load CUP terrains core and everything works as before :) Thank you all for your attention and help :) As the saying goes, the darkest under the lantern (Polish proverb) Gunter, I do not know how to use your mod properly, but you've solved my problem by suggesting CUP mod. Thank you to Gunter, El Tyranos, .kju and best regards :) Pokaż więcej Pokaż mniej
  8. Thank you for answering Gunter. I've created missions new (today) not with the old version of IFA 3. First, I am using CUP terrain core mod and with your mod IFA3WarMod v1.15 and I will let you know. If it does not help, then it will send a report. Maybe if you see it you will find a solution. But first, I'm doing my own work.
  9. I'm sorry but I do not know how to make a report. the previous version worked correctly. at this moment I'm subjected to an IFA modification. I wait for the new version maybe the problem will be resolved. Best regards and thank you for answering El Tyranos. Thank you .kju I try in different configurations with mods. Of course also only from IFA Lite or IFA AIO Lite. Still the same problem "no entry ... when I try to load a saved game. I try with different versions of CBA (newest and older) but it does not help. I tried with the additions of Liberation, Len, Gheist but to no avail. I was looking for Markers / Faction_US.scope files in pbo but I did not find any. I have the latest versions of the game, but this problem occurred when I uploaded the latest IFA v33 in previous versions this problem did not occur. no entry (bin\config.bin/CgMarkers/Faction_US.scope.) The problem also occurs in missions created by me. Example. I create missions with IFA 3. it's fine until it's saved. I can not load a saved game. when I create missions with Fow there are no problems.
  10. Hello. Can't load save game data no entry (bin\config.bin/CgMarkers/FactionUS.scope). Start new mission. save. save and exit. And cant load. Why I cant login in discord server chat ?
  11. Dawid Don Davido

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Greetings :)
  12. Dawid Don Davido

    Soviet Armed Forces

    Hello ! A great modification. Detailed and well-mapped. I am asking for a new version with this great ssh-68 netted camo (paratroopers). I need him for my missions ,,1 war in Chechnya''. Regards !!! :) Maybe even a small update with this helmet please It does not matter, I already have it. Good luck and best regards :)