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    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Have you guys found the staff you needed yet or are yall still looking? Just want to double-check in case i have referrals!
  2. MrPullo

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    wait, so the AC-130J works on the old USAF mod, it's just everything else that doesn't and is broken?
  3. MrPullo

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    @SGT Fuller Thanks for all you do with running this massive overhaul of the USAF mod (unless someone else is IC now, first time poster..) I am a 7th Cav member/Section Lead in our aviation company. Wanted to ask as this has been a new development, given they literally just retired the Spooky/AC-130U a few days ago to upgrade it with the AC-130J/Ghostrider, will the USAF team be upgrading the AC-130 thats in the mod now to reflect the RL update? A few videos mentioned that most of the upgrades are hardware related ( better avionics, software, sensors, crew seats, networks, routers, rack/cargo efficiency etc.), however, they did mention that the main recognizable upgrades were: 1. Switch to 30MM cannon instead of the 25mm cannon 2. AC-130J has upgraded fuel efficiency by 30% (compared to AC-130U) 3. Mountable Hellfire capabilities Is there a chance we can expect this when USAF is finally released? Thanks, CW2.Lucius.M
  4. Squad name: 7th Cavalry Regiment Timezone/location : All US/EU Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Coop/PVP/PVE, Mil-Sim Contact email: My 7th Cavalry Profile Website address: 7th Cavalry Website Short description: The 7th Cavalry Regiment is a military simulation clan primarily focused on Arma 3. The Regiment was founded October 15th, 2002 and remains committed to military simulation today. This means that when you enlist, you will earn your place as a trooper in one of the oldest gaming regiments online. For the majority of people in the CAV, this unit isn't just somewhere to play, it truly is a brotherhood in which all are respected and supported by their brethren. We have over 220+ Active Arma 3 members spread across 1st Batallion. We have three Company's: Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. Alpha contains Fixed & Rotary Wing for Transport and Attack. Bravo consists of Mechanized Infantry, Armor, Cavalry Scouts (Ground Recon) and our Medics. Charlie Company, the tip of the spear, is the main Infantry element, with Airborne Infantry & Heavy Weapons. The 7th Cavalry is best known for their in-depth training schools & courses (over 34 different classes!!!) and our high-attendance, detailed, immersive Operations. Want to learn more? Start your 7th Cav Career today! Click the link and choose your Career path ---> 7th Cavalry's Arma 3 Career Pathway For more info, visit Detailed 7th Cavalry Recruitment Post Language: English Signed, =7Cav=Lucius.M