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  1. On 3/22/2022 at 10:38 PM, johnnyboy said:

    Hey dude.  Since I don't use zues, all I can say is probably.  Your mission would have to run all the init.sqf stuff in my sample mission, and then you would have to create units and run the giant scripts on them like the giants that are editor placed in sample mission.  But exactly how to do that, I don't know.  Sorry, but I don't have time to figure that out for you.   Good luck sir!

    It is fine, I noticed some other dudes might have an answer in this thread, so thats why I asked

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  2. 20 minutes ago, Harzach said:

    Invisible wall (Land_InvisibleBarrier_F).

    I thought the same thing, but how will I know how to scale it? Or make it semi visible.
    Its a force shield. So I would probably spawn a sphere as cosmetic thing, and surround the area at the borders by invisible walls. But I do not know to what size to scale it if I cant see it

  3. I am trying to create false radar signatures for an aircraft. Basically I want to make it harder for jet pilots to lock onto targets.
    What I tried so far is attach a bunch of set scale 0.01 aircraft to the back of a regular jet of same type so when enemy aims at it, it will have 4/5 chance to lock onto the decoy aircraft (1x main aircraft and 4x attached [set scale 0.01]). However when testing this in an enemy aircraft, when pressing R, the enemy aircraft auto locks onto the "main" aircraft and when pressing R afterwards it doesn't cycle to others. Are attacked vehicles exempt from target cycle?A ny other ideas how to do something similar or improve upon current attempt etc?

  4. Context, I have tried updating my mod with few extra PBOs and modifications to existing ones. If I pack PBOs with PBOManager, it gives me pbo missmatch error., but when I use BI Tools addon builder, it works.
    HOWEVER Problem. When I upload the mod to the workshop and on the server, content from new and modified PBOs doesnt work.
    I checked the workshop folder, new files and modified ones are in there.
    Any ideas?

  5. 34 minutes ago, NightIntruder said:

    Perhaps, they don't like to do the whole work for somebody? Or maybe they simply didn't know what those variables mean? In any case, you were left with the problem alone. At least, you can do something for the modding community and reveal the true meaning hidden behind the calculation through testing and being questioning 😉 In my opinion, it isn't worth the whole hustle tho, but hey, this is your hobby and your time. Do whatever you damn like to do with it.

    Problem is that what I want is very simple, to make an aircraft bit faster. And all I am getting while playing with values is it slowing down, literally what ever I do, it slows down. There must be some other kind of value that makes everything go wrong

  6. 8 hours ago, NightIntruder said:

    So am I, after years of modding for Arma, because little is well explained and mostly by modding community rather than by BI (except the scripting part tho). Which is weird, and looks more like shooting oneself in the foot, since modding is something that's been keeping the genre alive for years. Welcome to the Arma modding jungle... I'd suggest joining the arma discord, there are bunch of helpful lads, knowledge in a nutshell.

    Problem is that I asked for help in discord and all I got was this:  fSpeed = maxI * (speed / (maxSpeed * 1.5f)) without any explonation

  7. 2 hours ago, NightIntruder said:

    The notation with the "f" suffix isn't rare among configs so I suppose it's a kind of a unitless coefficient?  The calculation seems to give you the 150% of max speed referenced by the array.
    As for speed it may be the speed in a specific increment (one of the points of the thrustCoef curve).
    Yeah, it's quite a dumb idea to provide people with counterintuitive examples and tools with no explanations. Oh my BI...

    Regarding the stall speed. As Reyhard said, all those large arrays are relative to maxSpeed. You changed the max speed to 2200. So, my guess is your envelope[] also has changed itself into something like this:

    envelope[] =
    			0,	// 	0
    			0.11,	// 	220  = 10%
    			0.83,	// 	440
    			1.97,	// 	660
    			2.42,	// 	880
    			2.69,	// 	1100
    			3.87,	// 	1320
    			5.27,	// 	1540
    			6.89,	// 	1760
    			8.72,	// 	1980
    			9.7,	// 	2200 = 100% (max speed)
    			9.6,	// 	2420 = 110%
    			9.2,	// 	2640 = 120%
    			8.5,	// 	2860 = 130%
    			8.2,	// 	3080 = 140%
    			8.0	// 	3300 = 150%

    Just make sure, the second item in the array (10%) has something above 1 or so (need tests), to allow the plane to start flying at around 220 kph. Obviously, all those numbers below have to be at least equal to the first number that ensures the flyable state of a plane. Example:

    envelope[] =
                0,    //     0
                1.11,    //     220  = 10%
                1.83,    //     440
                1.97,    //     660
                2.42,    //     880
                8.0    //     3300 = 150%


    How do you even do those calculations?
    Also, I changed my top speed to 1800 and copied the thrustcoef from SU-57 (RHS). So now aircraft flies and takes off at reasonable speeds. However I would like to increase its acceleration and to make it able to actually reach 1800 (currently does 1500). I set last numbers as high as >5. but aircraft now can only reach 900kmph instead of 1300kmph it reached before or 1800 I want it to reach. I am VERY confused by these settings, and how they work together.

  8. I am super confused now, I just tried these values on a shikra


    It barely reaches 900km/h. However when values that start with "5" get replaces with "1", it can reach 1300+

    Edit: okay so I found this formula: fSpeed = maxI * (speed / (maxSpeed * 1.5f))
    What does "speed" and "f" stand for?

  9. 8 minutes ago, NightIntruder said:

    That's interesting findings, I would never say it has anything in common 🙂 Anyway, I would go with whatever I would discover in test flights then. But I rather keep the numbers low and close to 0 above the 100% speed just to make sure I can reach the max speed anyway.

    Does having numbers above 100% prevents aircraft from reaching max speed?


  10. 11 minutes ago, NightIntruder said:

    Well, first thing first - acceleration has nothing to do with a stall condition. In this game it was also differentiated. Lift (as a stall is a loss of a lift, generally) is controlled by envelope[] array.
    As for increasing the acceleration, yes you can change the thrustCoef array. The numbers to be changed are the ones on the left (green), the red ones are just a reference speed (commented by //) as the array is divided in the range of 0-150% of max speed with 10% increment (in steps of 120 up to 150% which is 1800, which also indicates the max speed is just around 1200 in this array). One note tho - according to the example array posted above you will never reach a speed of 2200 kph if you have no thrust available at a speed of 1560 kph and above (unless in a prolonged dive). Also, your array should end at 3300 kph, in 220 kph steps.
    By the way, the thrustCoef is a name that is somehow misleading. It's not like you have more power in AB at speed of 960kph (1.96) than at speed of 240 kph (1.62). Instead, the drag is higher when a plane is going faster, and to ensure a proper acceleration of a plane until the thrust is gone (no more acceleration) we have the thrustCoef here. This way we can model semi-realistic drag coefficients after passing a sound barrier as well, as described here:

    The reason why I mentioned stall is because I edited (increased) thrustcoef and max speed and stall speed went from 220 to 500. Thats why I mentioned it.
    Ohh okay I think I get it, but than why is there coef for more than 100% of thrust, how do you go 110%-150%?

  11. Okay, so with these settings (F-22):

    thrustCoef[] =
    			1.76,	// 	0
    			1.69,	// 	120
    			1.62,	// 	240
    			1.68,	// 	360
    			1.74,	// 	480
    			1.81,	// 	600
    			1.89,	// 	720
    			1.95,	// 	840
    			1.96,	// 	960
    			1.96,	// 	1080
    			1.92,	// 	1200
    			1.4,	// 	1320
    			0.4,	// 	1440
    			0.0,	// 	1560
    			0.0,	// 	1680
    			0.0		// 	1800

    Soo lets say, I want to increase acceleration, which values would I increase and would it effect my stall speed?

  12. 21 minutes ago, reyhard said:

    All those large arrays are relative to maxSpeed. Here you can take a look at commented F22 flightModel.hpp https://pastebin.com/6y50e105

    Unfortunately, I've removed comments from MiG-29 since I've used Excel spreadsheet to calculate some of the values, which I cannot find at the moment.

    I still cant figure out how it works, however I will try copying some of the F22 configs and see what happens

  13. 48 minutes ago, Jackal326 said:

    Well, my educated guess is that the higher you make the maxspeed value, the higher (or lower?) you need to adjust the values in the thrustCoef array as each entry corresponds to a % value of thrust energy.  I've been awake since 5am so my few surviving brain-cells cannot "do math" right now...

    Probably, but seeing that RHS F22 has max speed of 2200, and higher thrust coef, I would assume I didnt change it to be too high. I am still confised how stall speed is related to those settings.

  14. I have tried editing MIG-29SM from RHS configs a bit to see if I could make it closer to its real world counterpart in regards of speed
    I have changed thrust coeficient, now the aircraft goes ~1500 with afterburner and around 1200 when it is off. However takeoff/stall speed changed from 220 to ~500 making it impossible for aircraft to take off 
    Edited values:


    My question would be, how does thrist coef even work? I looked into the bohemia description, but I dont really get it, according to this at 0Į thrust would be 2.31? Wouldnt it mean that it would take off waayyy faster instead of not take off at all?

  15. 21 hours ago, odie0351 said:

    Havent played with the Mig 29 in a hot minute but it might be treated like the A-10A in that it has to have certain ordinance mounted (in the A-10's case you have to have Mavericks onboard)

    I will check, because when I try using it, it displays thermal image for like half a second and than goes full grey. I will try equiping different loadout

    Edit: Camera works, if you have TV missiles equipped