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  1. I am making a manual artillery computer with a dialog, the user enters the coordinates of the target using RscEdit fields, and then presses a "confirm" button. The math is then done and an output is displayed in an RscText box. I want to change the RscText to have the user be able to select the output inside the RscText and copy it (for later use if he wants), like what is done in the debug console's output box. The problem is that i can either use RscText, and the user is able to see the output, but can't select it Or using RscEdit where the user can see and copy it, but can accidentally delete/modify it and making the result completely off. Any help will be much appreciated!
  2. profile namespace is seperate to each client (and the server as well) so when i store a variable in profilenamespace when the script is executed on the server it will save the variable on the server. The idea is i store the functions on the server, and then use either remoteExec or some other form of function execution to run the function without exposing said function to the player I think i am gonna go with this solution and use remoteExec instead of publicVariables. Thanks everyone for all the help!
  3. In this small sample this will work great but my script is several hundred lines long, how could i do the same thing with my file? just wrap everything inside a string and hope for the best or is there a specific method i should use to do this correctly?
  4. I have recently created a local server (just hosting from the server browser), this server has some scripts that i don't want to expose to the player (due to them stealing it). I found out you can use the profileNamespace to save data to the profile of the player and as such i am able to store strings, arrays and stuff like that. My problem arises after i try to save scripts into the namespace -> saving them using the saveProfileNamespace (script is callable and is fine so far) -> shutting down the server after finishing playing. Now, when i start the server i am able to load the variables from the namespace and use them, but i can't call\spawn code that i stored inside the profile namespace as it raises this error: Global namespace not passed during: hint "test" Error Local variable in global space in order for you to replicate do the following: 1. start the debug console in an editor mission 2. enter these 2 lines: profileNamespace setVariable ["testFunction",{hint "test";}]; saveProfileNamespace; 3. restart the game 4. start the debug console again 5. enter this line: [] spawn (profileNamespace getVariable "testFunction"); 6. wonder desperately why the function isn't being executed
  5. How can i make infantry (soldiers and civilians) fire vehicle weapons such as cannons, machine guns, mini-guns, etc? Using the function "addWeapon" I have managed to do this successfully with missiles and bombs as it seems the soldier will simply hold a rocket launcher and fire it (bomb,rocket,missile). But i can't seem to be able to add main weapons (tank's cannons, jet's auto-cannons, helicopter's mini-guns), when i do the unit just seems to stand as if it has no weapon equipped. Do i need to replace the config values of "Man" and if so which ones? Thanks in advance!