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  1. Added a 3-floor palestinian building
  2. Yes. The aim is to add relevent items/buildings/vehicles that are in use today in the conflict as we speak to arma 3.
  3. Work in progress, will be several different 3/4 floors buildings
  4. ISR PROJECT - The Israeli Conflict Our goal is to make a mod that resembles the israel's forces and its neighboring countries, that will hopefully include: - Objects - Buildings - Map - Units - Vehicles The mod is in a very early alpha stage, so don't expect much for the coming months. At this moment, the mod consists: - Images of palestinian organizations and leaders. - Basic objects (more accurately an arabic table). - Improvised rocket launcher(not a static weapon, will be in the future). - The seperation wall. Mod Workshop URL: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1706990955 If you have any suggestion or idea of an object or anything that we can add to the mod to make it more intresting, please write us a comment.
  5. Sgt. Epic

    Can't see door's user action in game

    Ok so after some help at the discord channel i've made this: Model.cfg: https://pastebin.com/uV7zjgj8 Config.cpp: https://pastebin.com/LrpawpH6 the code looks much better, and now I think I understand it more clearly, I see the doors' user actions now, but still it doesn't seem to animate the door in game.
  6. Sgt. Epic

    Can't see door's user action in game

    So i've been looking for a difference between the code you gave me and the one I had, and I figured out the I missed a } at the end(I edited the code I gave in the thread above). The problem I have NOW is that when I open up the editor in game, it says this: http://prntscr.com/nalj6a
  7. So i've been trying to make an interactable door for my basic house. that is what i got so far: I have made couple of doors, made memory points that include axis and action point, as you can see in the picture: http://prntscr.com/nae4q3 I seen quite a few tutorials and followed the sample files, and that is the code I used for the doors: CONFIG.CPP: class CfgPatches { class A3_MyAddon { units[]= { "MySoldier" }; weapons[]= { "MyUniform", "MyVest", "MyHeadgear" }; requiredVersion=0.1; requiredAddons[]={"A3_Characters_F"}; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class House; class isoc_house_01 : House { scope = 2; model = "isrproject_houses\objects\isoc_house_01.p3d"; placement = vertical; mapSize = 20; displayName = "Shoval's House"; cost = 0; armor = 5000; }; class UserActions { class OpenDoor_01 { displayName = "Open Door"; // Label of the action used in the action menu itself. position = door_01_action; // Point in Memory lod in p3d around which the action is available. priority = 0.4; // Priority coefficient used for sorting action in the action menu. radius = 1.5; // Range around the above defined point in which you need to be to access the action. onlyForPlayer = false; // Defines if the action is available only to players or AI as well. condition = ((this animationPhase 'Door_1_rot') < 0.5); // Condition for showing the action in action menu. In this case it checks if the door is closed and if the part of the house in which the door is located hasn't been destroyed yet). statement = ([this, 'Door_01_rot'] call BIS_fnc_DoorNoHandleOpen); // Action taken when this action is selected in the action menu. In this case it calls a function that opens the door. }; class CloseDoor_01: OpenDoor_01 { displayName = "Close Door"; priority = 0.2; condition = ((this animationPhase 'door_01_rot') >= 0.5); // Checks if the door is currently open and not destroyed. statement = ([this, 'door_01_rot'] call BIS_fnc_DoorNoHandleClose); }; class OpenDoor_02: OpenDoor_01 { position = door_02_action; condition = ((this animationPhase 'door_02_rot') < 0.5); statement = ([this, 'door_2_rot'] call BIS_fnc_DoorNoHandleOpen); }; class CloseDoor_02: CloseDoor_01 { position = door_2_action; condition = ((this animationPhase 'door_02_rot') < 0.5); statement = ([this, 'door_02_rot'] call BIS_fnc_DoorNoHandleClose); }; class OpenDoor_03: OpenDoor_01 { position = door_02_action; condition = ((this animationPhase 'door_02_rot') < 0.5); statement = ([this, 'door_2_rot'] call BIS_fnc_DoorNoHandleOpen); }; class CloseDoor_03: CloseDoor_01 { position = door_03_action; condition = ((this animationPhase 'door_03_rot') < 0.5); statement = ([this, 'door_03_rot'] call BIS_fnc_DoorNoHandleClose); }; }; actionBegin1 = OpenDoor_01; actionEnd1 = OpenDoor_01; actionBegin2 = OpenDoor_02; actionEnd2 = OpenDoor_02; actionBegin3 = OpenDoor_03; actionEnd3 = OpenDoor_03; numberOfDoors = 3; class AnimationSources { // Animation sources for doors class Door_1_source { source = user; // "user" = custom source = not controlled by some engine value initPhase = 0; // Initial value of animations based on this source animPeriod = 1; // Coefficient for duration of change of this animation sound = "GenericDoorsSound"; /// Selects sound class from CfgAnimationSourceSounds that is going to be used for sounds of doors }; class Door_2_source: Door_1_source {}; class Door_3_source: Door_1_source {}; }; }; MODEL.CFG: class CfgSkeletons { class Default { isDiscrete = 1; skeletonInherit = ""; skeletonBones[] = {}; }; // Skeleton of undamaged variant of the house, containing doors and windows. Note that glass #3 is not a window but the glass pane of glass door (door #1). Therefore // (similar to door handles) it's bones need to be appropriately linked to bones of the door so that it moves along with it when the door is opened/closed. class isoc_house_01_Skeleton: Default { skeletonInherit = "Default"; skeletonBones[] = { // Pairs: 1st is newly defined bone, second is it`s "parent" in the skeleton (bone hierarchy). "Door_1", "", "Door_2", "", "Door_2", "" }; }; }; class CfgModels { class Default { sectionsInherit = ""; sections[] = {}; skeletonName = ""; }; class Animations { // Animation for rotating door #1 (without a door handle) class Door_01_rot { type = rotation; source = Door_01_source; // Controler defined in class AnimationSources in config.cpp. selection = Door_01; // Selection from p3d that also has to be defined as a bone in this model`s skeleton. axis = Door_01_axis; // Axis of the rotation. memory = 1; minValue = 0; // Value of the controller at which the rotation will be angle0 maxValue = 1; // Value of the controller at which the rotation will be angle1 angle0 = 0; angle1 = (rad 110); // "rad" converts from degrees to radians }; class Door_02_rot: Door_01_rot { source = Door_02_source; selection = Door_02; axis = Door_02_axis; }; class Door_03_rot: Door_01_rot { source = Door_03_source; selection = Door_03; axis = Door_03_axis; }; }; }; I know I used one extra }; in the model.cfg file, because if I don't use it, the mikero's pboProject can't pack my file and gives the next error: 9:56:09: Extensions: "</texheaders>" rapify x64UnicodeVersion 1.79, Dll 7.16 "config.cpp" <rebuilding units[]= and friends> No Error(s) Output is to p:\temp\isrproject_houses\config.bin P:\temp\isrproject_houses\config.bin 1 File(s) copied rapify x64UnicodeVersion 1.79, Dll 7.16 "model.cfg" In File \isrproject_houses\model.cfg: circa Line 59 EOF encountered rerun with -noisy option to see decode "model.cfgs for this pbo have errors" the doors exist in game and look good, but I can't interact with them at all. any guesses as to what's wrong?
  8. Sgt. Epic

    Turret Enhanced

    Is there a reason why my server can't read your key?
  9. Do you know how to model with 3d program? or you know how to model well and you just having problem exporting it to the game?
  10. Sgt. Epic

    I want to learn how to make new units

    I've found few texture sites that worth visiting. For those who follow the thread, here they are: https://www.all3dfree.net/ (Best, in my opinion) https://www.textures.com/ https://3dtextures.me/ https://www.3dxo.com/ https://www.textureking.com/ http://texturer.com/ https://www.swtexture.com/ https://www.tonytextures.com/free-photo-texture-gallery/
  11. Sgt. Epic

    I want to learn how to make new units

    That's actually very useful. Is that a modelling community?
  12. Sgt. Epic

    I want to learn how to make new units

    Yeah I got it from several videos that they don't actually write everything themsefles, a lot of time they just use pre-made cfg or .hpp files from BI or previous works they have. I also saw that many of them use this or that software to manipulate and design their textures(if they are making an original one). Do you know where I can get textures other than the main arma game? I mean is there any good (and free, hopefuly) reliable site?
  13. Sgt. Epic

    I want to learn how to make new units

    I havn't set the arma tools up yet, kidna stuck on the theory/learning phase of how the basics of modeling and modding works in arma 3. I'm gonna set it up today and learn about it a bit. quick question: What tools do I actually need for modelling and exporting that models into game? from what i've seen, I mainly need Blender, O2 and Object Builder. Are there any other softwares I should know about?
  14. Sgt. Epic

    [WIP] Lebanon War Maps

    That's map is a great idea in my opinion. A lot of israeli groups and individuals(like myself) will enjoy that one, since there is not really any map that truly resembels most of the missions they execute(simulation of guarilla war between israeli forces and ISIS/Terrorists) If you have any questions regarding the war(for example, the way the PLO fought back then), you can contact me anytime.
  15. Sgt. Epic

    I want to learn how to make new units

    Thanks, that was really helpful. I've been through a lot of topics, threads and videos. One thing I really have trouble with is the rvmat. I read this page: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_RVMAT (the wiki page), but still I don't feel I actually get it. Do you have any reference to further reading on this topic? Thanks ahead. Thank you ! tbh, I am not a new arma player(I have started playing since 2012), but I havn't really got socialized in the international community, but I think it's time for some change :)