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  1. Hello Sir Firewill, I love to use your mods, the amount of detail and dedication you spent making them is stunning, brilliant work. I hope you keep enjoying modmaking :) I have a question regarding the integration of the i-tgt system. Do the same steps listed in your manual work for multiplayer too? Do I have to put the config stuff inside all clients configs connecting to my server? Or only serverside? Thanks in advance, Kat
  2. Thanks for all the replies, I will take it into consideration, and probably decide that the effort is not worth it :D Again thank all of you for your information!
  3. Aye firewill, Awesome work on the mods, appreciate the work you put into the mods. Could someone redirect me to where I can find the list of weapon and plane classnames? Couldn't find them in the read-me of @FIR AWS any more, just said "search on web" Thanks in advance, kat
  4. Thank all of you for the answers! I do have some questions regarding your message, @Gunter Severloh, I am trying to combine the mods: "CUP Terrains - Core" + "CUP Terrains - Maps" right now for a first test, however these mods have lots of other files in their @"modname" directories, for example meta.cpp and mod.cpp, aswell as a file called "sums.sha1". I know that I can disregard any of the changelog text files, but what about those type of files? "mod.cpp" and "meta.cpp" seem small and unimportant, but the "sums.sha1" contains all the different names of the folders inside the @"modname"/addons as well as keys linked to them. Now, when combing, the problem is that both mods have two seperate "sums.sha1" called the same, can I copy the text of these text files together and add a combined "sums.sha1" into my @Modpack directory? Here are some screens of both mod-directories: http://prntscr.com/kr807r http://prntscr.com/kr80kh Greetings, Kation PS: I know there's a CUP Terrains - Complete available on Armaholic, I'm just doing this example for educational purposes ;)
  5. Hey there, Community! So, basically, our small community is playing tactical operations on the weekends on a dedicated server. We use a modpack consisting of around 15 mods. These addons are not made by me, and we the community does not bring any income to the co-owner & me. I'm not sure if that eraises the licensing problem though. I want to combine all of the current versions of these 15 mods into a single addon, that members can download using filezilla via my private FTP Server. I have little to no knowledge on how mods really work, so I don't know if it's possible for me to not only combine all of these into one @"modname" folder, and if I can create a key for that mod without being the owner of that intellectual property. For the record, that combined mod would not be published anywhere publicly, it would only be uploaded to the database. Managing the mods like this would come with lots of advantages: 1.: We could combine specific versions of mods together, creating the ability to compose our own modpack to our wishes. 2.: We don't have to keep track of all updates that the mods receive, and update them manually on our dedicated arma server. 3.: Lots of advantages resulting from 1. and 2., for example gaining lots of experiences from fixed versions of mods will make it able to give recruits a better comprehensive overview on our mods. Hope there are some mod-experts out there who can and are willing to help me, I'm not a native speaker please excuse spelling mistakes etc. ;) Greetings, Kation