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  1. Rammit79

    Message on player death

    Thats excellent, thank you very much
  2. Hi all, Looking at making a Cold War scenario, but similar in style to the opening of BF1 in a kind of 'you are not expected to survive' kind of deal, is there a way to fade to black and give a message on screen when a player dies? This is for MP if it makes a difference. Thanks!
  3. Rammit79

    CUP server issue

    Thanks for the response, all the init line and addon folder is lowercase but still no change, I'm not sure if the server is running in linux, its just a rented dedicated server from Armahosts. I've attached an extended log below
  4. Hi all, a CUP error seems to be killing my mod init line, has anyone seen this error/know what I can do to fix it? This is my first dedi server. Thanks for the help!