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  1. Manuel Ciccotelli

    Name Change

    Try and contact some admin, I remember they helped someone else with same problem. Edit: did you try here: https://accounts.bistudio.com?
  2. Manuel Ciccotelli

    Broug Fort - Glitch thru floor

    hello survivor! i'm not sure the name of the map is correct, but this happened to me too a couple of hours ago....two times! here's a clip: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/fatt0/video/63952301 is it the same spot?
  3. Manuel Ciccotelli

    Changelog 0.6.30000

    First of all, a big thank for your work! Then, I think this thread should be in the "Changelog" section! ;)
  4. Manuel Ciccotelli

    Vigor – 0.6 Update - Coming out October 24th - Trailer

    Thank you for the update! You're doing a great job!
  5. Manuel Ciccotelli

    Vigor , any news ?

    Hello mate, no ETA for updates from developers, sorry. But it seems to me they're working hard, they showed some nice pictures of future updates in the stream! I think we just need to wait! It will be a long way to February, 2019!!
  6. Manuel Ciccotelli

    Female Characters

    Would you like to be a female called Vigor? :-D Just kidding, don't be angry! I think that killing a female in such a desperate situation would be like killing the future of humanity...don't you? But female characters will attract new fans for sure!! I agree!
  7. Manuel Ciccotelli

    Vigor , any news ?

    Here you are!! Thank for the advise!
  8. Manuel Ciccotelli

    Wheres my cash

    Please, read here
  9. Manuel Ciccotelli

    I bought the game but no founder's pack received

    Developers said the founders' pack will arrive to us in the next future and maybe not all together. Nobody has receive it yet, the game is still in development. Hope it helps. Manuel From Italy
  10. Manuel Ciccotelli

    Is this game available for PC?

    From the official site https://vigorgame.com/faq WILL VIGOR BE ON PC / PS4? Vigor is an Xbox One exclusive as we want to focus our development to provide the best possible experience for the players. Xbox Game Preview allows us to do that while developing a game for console. We also want to build a strong community and let our players help shape and improve the game before its full release.
  11. Manuel Ciccotelli

    Great idea but ....

    Hello, i'm from Italy too! I haven't problem with any map, sometimes it fails to load a match, but I think is for low number of players. Loot is low but it's more valuable in this way!! See you in Norway! Manuel
  12. Manuel Ciccotelli


    Hello, i bought the game a couple of days ago and I love it! Thank you very much for your work. I would like to address a couple of bugs(maybe?): -as happened to other players, my weapons stop shooting, but it happens randomly and I cannot replicate it. -i open the game and go to advanced settings under control section, push 'reset to default' and my settings go mad, for example in ADS rampx and rampy go to 200% and those are not the default settings, I think! -when the game is up and running, I power off the console, then a couple of hours later I power on the console and start the game again (I presume the game is still in memory, sort of frozen) it says Connection lost, I push A to reload my profile and the game load up with a fresh new character and an empty shelter. So I have to close the game from dashboard and start it again! Then everything go Ok! -last it's a sort of glitch...if you try to prone on the little rock in front of the shelter's entrance, the one with a strange red symbol, you get very funny position. Hope it helps and sorry for my English, I'm from Italy. If you need more info, please ask! Thanks Manuel Edit: another one, if I deconstruct 2 of the same collectible item really fast I don't get 2 different missing parts, but I get 2 of the same missing part. This happened 2 times with 2 different items.