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    Game modes?

    I think adding game modes to Vigor would be a good way to keep players satisfied, game modes were friends could team up with each other. So have the single player looting maps/game modes to gear up players, and then allow them to use there loot in bigger game modes, perhaps a a war mode similar to Arma 2 wasteland all out war between large teams or smaller scale objective game modes, maybe teams of 2, 3 and 4, fighting for objectives with good rewards Or even just a free roam pvp map where players are free to do whatever they want
  2. PearceyBaws

    Game modes?

    I’m not saying there’s isn’t a freeroam mode, and by single player I meant like the game mode they have now, that doesn’t have teams, my bad haha
  3. I played dayz mods and standalone and feel this game has good potential, but also feel it has good potential to crash and burn I really think the battle royale/survival type thing you have going on is a good idea, but is far too repetitive, there’s no real freedom on the game which made Arma 2, 3 and standalone the great and not so great(Standalone) games they were. Shooting mechanics are horrible, remind me of DayZ standalone, maybe if they were more like pubg or rainbow six a lot more people would enjoy this game It is far too repetitive, far far far far far too reptitive.... I loot some gear, maybe kill someone, and then leave the game and go stash the gear in a place where no one can touch it, and then go out and do the same. There’s no real tension and no real achievement. Let’s say you die during the game, then what. Go back to your stash house geared up again? Don’t jump on the bandwagon and try to do what every other developer is doing, fuck battle royal we’ve got enough games of it, keep to your roots and then this into a proper survival game, make this game what DayZ SA failed to be, don’t make us waste our money on shite again Things that could be edited or improved : shooting mechanics MUST be improved more players per server hunger/thirst mechanism bigger maps attachments to guns more attractive areas of the map, which have more loot than other areas And I can’t think of any, but give players a reason to play it, because the stash house shit really isn’t cutting it If I had it my way and I know many would agree, I’d strip this game down to its basics. And make a good version of DayZ SA, Xbox literally has no good online survival games and this game has the foundations to do so Have a good think of what you guys are going to do with this game because it’s on extremely thin ice ATM