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  1. 10 hours ago, thirith said:

    Is it possible that there's some issue with respect to ACE3 and missions where you have to find intel? I just played a mission on the Lythium map, where my task was to clear out a camp and search for intel. There were two tables that looked like they should be searchable - there were maps and stuff on them - but I didn't seem to get the option to search them, either in the default scroll menu nor in the ACE interaction menu.


    Though I'm pretty new to ACE, so it's possible I simply didn't do it right.


    The intel is located in a metal case, though you may have to search a little to find it. You should see an action pop-up if you are close enough to the case. ACE shouldn't have any impact.

  2. 9 hours ago, RunningInThe90s said:

    Why cant i get my arsenal to work in combat den it just shows an empty inventory

    Make sure you are activating the arsenal and not just opening the crate. You should see an action command as you approach the crate, trigger it to get a loadout menu. Or if you're using ACE, interact with the crate via the ACE interact key.


    If you are activating the arsenal and it's just empty, tell me for which faction and what mods you have loaded.

  3. 6 hours ago, thirith said:

    If that's feasible, it'd definitely be great. We ended up with a situation where one of the players was stuck in that rock for much of the mission, because he also kept respawning there.


    In the mean time, players can work a round this issue by disconnecting and rejoining the mission. By doing this, it forces a respawn near existing players (out side of rocks).

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  4. 8 hours ago, thirith said:

    We had some fun with this on the Malden map yesterday, but we ran into this problem: whenever one of us died while on a rock, they respawned inside the rock. Is this something that can be fixed or should we just stay away from rocks? 😛


    Getting stuck inside rocks is feature of Arma 😛. While it's not something I can fix, it may be possible to mitigate by detecting it and teleporting players out.  I'll give it some thought.

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  5. Update v4.19.0



    • CFP Wagner faction.
    • MP revive as an option. This is disabled by default.
    • Zargabad terrain.


    • Missing M136 in CFP US Army 1991 arsenal.
    • Spawn logic for Defend Convoy mission. This was rewritten to prevent the mission from getting stuck when enemies disengage and hide.


    • Improve Evade task description in Escape mission.
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  6. 7 minutes ago, thirith said:

    Two things I've noticed when testing the "defend convoy" mission type on my own: it happens relatively often that a sole unit scarpers off and hides in the distance, so that the next phase or the mission end didn't trigger, and it's also happened that the mission only ended when I destroyed an unmanned vehicle. Is this something that might be worth tweaking?


    Thanks for the heads-up, I'll take a look.  See #110.

  7. 49 minutes ago, thirith said:

    My apologies if this has already been asked, but is there indeed no Zargabad version of Combat Den? If so, is one planned? Or is the map too small or not varied enough?


    Hi @thirith


    There is indeed no Zargabad.  But, I was actually planning on releasing this terrain next. Your timing is impeccable! You can see the full backlog of terrains here. Feel free to add terrain requests. I release new terrains from this list when I have time. However, if there is a terrain you would like and cannot wait, I've documented the process of porting terrains on my wiki. You don't need scripting expertise, but you do need basic mission editing skills.

  8. Update v4.18.0



    • ACE MX2A thermal imaging device.
    • ACE Spare Barrel
    • Ambient civilian population.
    • New RHS Rifles:
      • rhs_weap_M107
      • rhs_weap_m14ebrri
      • rhs_weap_m40a5
    • RHS M8541 scope
    • Pulau terrain.


    • Extraction helo bug. If the extraction helo was under fire it might take off, hover, and get stuck.
    • Intel hold action bug. In MP is was possible to players to interact with the hold action after it had completed.
    • Logic to determine if a player faction should have a full moon night.  This was just broken.
    • Logic to determine a factions allies.


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  9. Update v4.17.0



    • ACE clacker to arsenal and EOD backpack.
    • ACE range card, tripod, and spotting scope to default arsenal.
    • ACE_M84 to the arsenal.
    • New factions:
      • CFP US Army 1991.
      • CUP Army of the Czech Republic.
      • TFC Canada. Contribution made by @TheIdiot900.
    • New ACE mags to the the arsenal:
      • ACE_10Rnd_338_300gr_HPBT_Mag
      • ACE_10Rnd_338_API526_Mag
      • ACE_5Rnd_127x99_Mag
      • ACE_5Rnd_127x99_AMAX_Mag
      • ACE_5Rnd_127x99_API_Mag
    • New rifle attachments to CUP WEST arsenals.
    • New rifle attachments to CUP Russia.
    • Rosche terrain.


    • CUP USMC EOD incorrect grenade type.
    • Hostage hold action bug.
    • Missing Bipods in the arsenal. Some factions had weapons that supported bipods but did not have bipods available in the arsenal.
    • Player death on Escape mission insert.


    • CUP USMC loadout.
      • Add M40A3 and M110 to Marksman loadout. M110 is now default.
      • Replace handgun with M9
      • Add M240 autorifleman preset loadouts
    • CUP Russia handgun is updated to Makarov.
    • CUP Bundeswehr marksman loadout now defaults to HK417.
    • CUP BAF ladouts now use L109A1 grenades.
    • Enemy faction name is printed in the SITREP message of Escape mission.
    • Randomness of enemy occupied buildings.
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  10. Quote

    6  I think I may find a bug. When select the PMC(CUP) faction, you can only put on NVG when Binoculars/vector are in your hands then pressing N button, when holding a rifle, it is not working. Same thing happend when you are the gunner in APC in the steal truck mission, you can not cycle through DTV/NV/thermal sight. I checked other  CUP factions(USMC, BAF, Russia, Bundeswehr), NVG works as usual.


    @HBAOplus, I was unable to reproduce this issue.  I'm not sure what could be causing this.  I think it's unlikely the mission is the root cause as nothing is special about this faction regarding NVG.  Sorry I couldn't help.

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  11. @HBAOplus



    1 in the escape mission, how long will it take before "base provides extraction coordinates"?


    It can take ~18-20 minutes.   It's defined here.


    2 in the destroy enemy ordnance mission, how to "check enemy units for any intel on ordnance locations"? By killing them to search their body for any document?


    Some enemies are searchable.  You just need to approach their bodies and see if the search wheel is visible.  This is only a subset of the enemies and it's random.



    3 for the USMC(CUP) faction, in the loadout presets menu, I see you prepare M24 & HK417 D20 for marksman role; to be more realistic, please replace them with M40A3 & M110(of course M110A1 is HK417 modification). You also select glock 17 to be the USMC's standard sidearm, please use M9 instead.

    4 for the Russia(CUP), replace their sidearms from CZ 75 to Makarov series(CUP_hgun_Makarov, CUP_hgun_PB6P9, CUP_hgun_PB6P9_snds)?

    5 for the Bundeswehr(CUP), replace marksman's rifle from L129A1 to HK417 D20(stand for G28)?


    Sure.  Thanks for the feedback.



    I think I may find a bug. When select the PMC(CUP) faction, you can only put on NVG when Binoculars/vector are in your hands then pressing N button, when holding a rifle, it is not working. Same thing happend when you are the gunner in APC in the steal truck mission, you can not cycle through DTV/NV/thermal sight. I checked other  CUP factions(USMC, BAF, Russia, Bundeswehr), NVG works as usual.


    I'll take a look.  What mods do you have installed?


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  12. @HBAOplus


    21 hours ago, HBAOplus said:

    1 Will you please consider adding US ARMY (RHS, CUP, cold war era, etc) factions to Combat Den?


    I'll look into it.  For cold war, is there anything specific you had in mind?


    21 hours ago, HBAOplus said:

    2 The marksman role in RACS should equip at least some of the sniper tools, since RACS is a regular army.


    Which specific items do you think they should have?  I'd like to keep RACS low-tech.  Tripod and range card?


    21 hours ago, HBAOplus said:

    3 Please add bipods to the arsenal, some rifles can benifit from them.


    Not all the factions have guns that support bipods.  I did notice that some of the factions loadouts that did contained bipods did not include the bipod in the arsenal.  I fixed this and it will be included in next release.


    Here the list of factions that have bipods:

    • 3CB BAF
    • AAF
    • CSAT
    • CUP BAF / Bundeswehr / ION / RACS / USMC
    • FIA
    • NATO
    • IDF
    • Syndikat

    If there is a specific gun you think a faction should have that supports a bipod, let me know and I will take a look.

  13. Update v4.16.0



    • 3-round GL loadout to NATO factions. This is not a default loadout, but is available from the loadout menu.
    • Kujari terrain.


    • CUP Russia arsenal to include SVD rifle.
    • The Loadout menu dialog so that the player is selected by default. This also selects a loadout type by default.


    • Chernarus 2020 staging area lighting.
    • Units that select the medic loadout, are now always given the medic trait.
    • The Camp Raid mission by reducing the camp seize trigger area. This prevents the mortar fire from triggering too early.
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  14. Update v4.15.0



    • AAF faction to arid terrains.
    • Chernarus2020 terrain
    • CUP Chernarus Defense Force (CDF) faction.
    • CUP/RHS Takistan factions to SemiArid terrains
    • RHS Chernarus Defence Force faction.
    • RHS Horizon Islands Defense Force faction
    • RHS Tanoa Liberation Army faction


    • RHS USMC loadout typos


    • Demolition mission by adding guards to the weapons caches.
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  15. Update v4.14.0

    • Added RHSPKL terrain.
    • Added CUP Sahrani Liberation Army.
    • Added CUP Sahrani Royal Army.
    • Fixed CUP USMC M16 loadout typos.
    • Fixed CUP USMC M27 Autorifleman mag count.
    • Fixed CUP Russia config error that prevented enemy groups from spawning.
    • Fixed Syndikat config error that prevented enemy groups from spawning.
    • Improved Mission Loadout Menu by selecting player unit by default. Prior to this change, the first unit was selected by default.
    • Improved Defend Convoy mission description.
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  16. Update v4.13.0

    • Added Fallujah terrain.
    • Added support for map location selection during mission briefing. This enables players and MP admins to select locations on the map before the mission is initialized.
    • Added ACE marksman tools to the marksman loadout for non-guerilla factions. The items include:
      • ATragMX
      • Kestrel 4500
      • Range Card
      • Spotting Scope
      • Tripod
    • Added ACE splints to loadout and arsenal.
    • Fixed Escape mission enemy spawn loop from exiting too early.
    • Fixed FIA recon group unit config. Prior to this, some enemy groups failed to spawn due to a config bug.
    • Fixed loadout script error for factions w/out headgear.
    • Improved Camp Raid intel search by making the object to search more visible and consistent.
    • Improved Weferlingen staging area with more lamps during nighttime missions.
    • Improved MP by displaying the respawn ticket count in the top right of the screen.
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  17. 7 hours ago, HBAOplus said:

    Hi, If you dont mind, when ace is loaded, please add some of sniper tools(range card, Kestrel, etc) to the marksman roles. For the vanilla NATO grenadier, please consider adding 3-round grenade "magazines"  to their inventory. Thanks!


    @HBAOplus I'll target next release for this.  Please list the sniper items you would like so I don't miss anything.  Thanks.

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  18. 5 hours ago, 1212PDMCDMPPM said:

    @ottaviodp Thx for this mission ! Easy to use and great gameplay !!


    I'm sorry if already requested/available but have you considered porting Combat Den to RHSPKL and GOS Dariyah ? 






    Thx !



    Thanks for playing. I added those terrains to the backlog.

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  19. 6 hours ago, cb65 said:

    @ottaviodp I've noticed recently there seems to be more night missions generated then before is this intentional ?


    If it is intentional can you change it back because I prefer the missions to be more evenly balanced between night and day, not a big fan of night missions.



    @cb65 It seems the random time of day logic was broken.  I just pushed a fix.  Thank you for calling this out.


    If you prefer daytime missions, you can always configure this in the CBA mission settings.

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  20. Update v4.12.0

    • Added ACRE and TFR radios to arsenal
    • Added Kunduz (Doors & Multiplayer fix version) terrain
    • Added RHS NAPA faction.
    • Added RHS Serbian Armed Forces.
    • Added Iraqi-Syrian Conflict factions.
      • Al-Nursa
      • Iraqi Army
      • Iraqi Police
      • Islamic State
      • Peshmerga
      • Syrian Arab Army
      • YPG
    • Fixed config warnings.
    • Fixed FIA Arid Grenadier missing loadout.
    • Fixed medical loadout for GM units.
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