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  1. I´ve no clue how to use publicVariables or server ones. could you please give me an example?
  2. When I host this mission on a dedicated server, and myself as a client, the trigger won't work. The talkscript works fine, but when the script ends, Civbar1=true; will be activated and should the trigger let it walk to the next waypoint.
  3. Hello fellow editors, Im working now for hours on a simple script that must activate a trigger. It works fine on my localhost, but not on my server. I can't get it to work. Could you please take a look at it and help me out. There are probatly hunderds of topics about this subject, but I seached for hours and can't figger it out. (Noob :P) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Talk script: // Quick animation. titleText ["You: You are not allow to stand here, please move back to the barrier","PLAIN DOWN"]; 10; sleep 8; titleText ["Civilian: Alright, ill go.","PLAIN DOWN"]; 10; Civbar1=true; _gen = _this select 0; _caller = _this select 1; _id = _this select 2; _gen playmove "AidlPercSnonWnonDnon_talk1"; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ initServer: // ============= Variables Civbar1 = false publicVariable "Civbar1"; Civbar2 = false publicVariable "Civbar2"; Civbar3 = false publicVariable "Civbar3"; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Trigger: variable name: Civbar1 Condition: Civbar1 on Act: rocivbar1 enableAI "move"; rocivbar2 enableAI "move"; rocivbar3 enableAI "move"; trigger has a waypoint activation set ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Civilian: variable name: rocivbar1 init: talk1 = this addaction ["Tell civilians to move behind barrier","Scripts\interaction\Civi\CivBar1.sqf"];