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  1. Galactic Fr0st


    Do knives deal different damage, swing faster, have more range, or are different in ANY way?
  2. Galactic Fr0st

    Gun issues

    I'm also having trouble with the Mosin and silver pigeon. To load both of them I need to jump. Silent shooting glitch is still a thing.
  3. Galactic Fr0st

    Major Bugs

    After playing more I think i was getting that glitch while server was lagging which was making my shots missed, sorry for the misinformatin
  4. Galactic Fr0st

    My Ideas

    Character personalization is a big factor to me. If i can make my character reload a bit faster, or loot a little bit more, or better recoil control, or runs a little faster or longer i would be going crazy for this game.
  5. Galactic Fr0st

    Minor Bugs and Annoyances

    Starting with the most obvious, When you start a game, your gun has full ammo plus what you took, the starting ammo, when you leave will be in your inventory and cannot be taken out. The knife will stop stabbing after two stabs. The Mosin. when you pull back the bolt it has no noise and when aiming has no animation which makes it hard to know when you can shoot again. Can you please make the ammo stationary in the stash? The larger number at the stop makes it to where when i try to take bullets out i stop taking the one i wanted
  6. Galactic Fr0st

    Major Bugs

    A gun in full-auto will not fire bullets, this doesn't always happen, but it happens enough, it won't make a sound and will keep draining bullets and will not damage players or make holes. A loot crate in water cannot be looted. Killed a player while he was in water and the crate was visible for a second then gone.