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  1. Cody Leverette

    Founders package

    So what is this all about? Will it be available when the free to play starts in 2019?
  2. Cody Leverette

    First-Person ADS Problem

    If you continue to hold fire on your target, it may continue damage to them. I had this happen many times while taking down an enemy
  3. Cody Leverette

    This game must be for PC (in future)

    Keep up the good work. I hope to see this game make it!
  4. Cody Leverette

    Deconstructing Loot

    Keep as much loot as possible. You'll find specific items are 1) necessary for specific upgrades in the chart used for restoring the shelter 2)some are more valuable than others. This is a good way to utilize deconstructing materials for additional currency when constructing weapons, consumables, etc..
  5. Cody Leverette

    Tip needed for ads sensitivity

    My only tip from gameplay this far: I've found it's better to utilize the tactic of fire and move. Take a couple of shots and redirect movement, rinse and repeat. head on fights are tough, even with a full auto. From what it seems, if a character is standing still and you lay 6 or 7 good body shots (with the PPSH), they are done for, but if movement is involved 40 plus rounds is a good effort.
  6. Cody Leverette


    I doubt this feature will kill a game. Find people on forums and start a clan/group/etc.. and try to jump in a game at the same time, group up and fight back. Easy isn't always fun in a game.
  7. Cody Leverette

    Vigor = Great Potential

    Very true, I've had the PPSH on full auto and the sound cut out with the flash, but I was still hearing the hit marker.
  8. Cody Leverette

    Vigor = Great Potential

    This is a great game so far. There are plenty of common bugs, even if the gun doesn't fire while in a tree or too close to a wall, this is pretty fun to grab and go, while trying to shoot someone as another shoots you. Its gun play can be a pain at first, but damn people use the iron sights, this isn't a hip shooter (unless your to kin shotguns). Itll be great to see these maps expand and hopefully prolonged play time in each map will be possible one day. I sure hope the negative feedback doesn't drive you away from fighting the good fight. Also, I think climbing rocks, or at least skyrimming the SOB would be great. Either way, I'll see you at the drop. Cheers.