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    Game crashing and lost loot

    Sooooo I’m playing on grontheim valley just now, the package drops I manage to be the first one to it, I grab it and I’m running toward extraction point........I bet you won’t guess what happen next?....... that’s right “lost connection to server” I get back to my cabin and go up stairs to see if I have the loot.........NOPE!!
  2. Fistfulofdonkey

    Game crashing and lost loot

    Also I’m only able to access 2 maps grontheim valley and dverg is this the same for every one else?...... the issue with the servers crashing and losing all my loot and load out is this a known issue? Are others having this issue or am I some how lucky enough to be the only one?
  3. Fistfulofdonkey

    Game crashing and lost loot

    So I played my 2 hour trial and decided to buy the game. over the last 2-3 days I have been playing and love the concept of the game , however, one major flaw I have found.....if I load into a map say with a pistol and a bit of ammo and start looting I can be running around looting and all of a sudden there is a “lost connection to server” error..........it’s all good cause I can just load into another map and do it all over again right?.....wrong!...... every thing I just looted in the pervious map as well as my pistol and ammo I took with me is now gone as if I was killed when I wasn’t, I hope there is a resolution to this problem soon!