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    Nerfed antenna.

    founder who payed $30 here, 10 crowns a day to 3.8 a day, a year later this game is still a buggy lagging garbage mess ,and now pure greed to the list
  2. Makeshift001

    Shit Game

    just had this exact problem, guy went prone in a bush after we killed his partner, and me and my parter put 100 rounds into him as he crawled around and got 1 hit out of it
  3. Makeshift001

    Deconstructing Loot

    Deconstructing gives you materials needed to upgrade your shelter, or to build guns ,ammo ,or health Been playing for a few hours and find that cars are the best source of loot, though its a bit buggy you have to find a sweet spot in order for the x to appear, also look for tool boxes or crates on the ground or on picnic tables, also the red tool boxes in garages are a good spot. Houses ive found just to be a waste of time you may not find anything in one.