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    co10 Escape

    Hey @ministeriet @DoNNeRBeRG, early versions for Livonia and Weferlingen can be found on the Escape discord server. The Livonia version is playable, but villages are empty so it's not great. The Weferlingen version is already quite nice.
  2. DL_BlackLabel

    co10 Escape

    Hi NeoArmageddon and Scruffy, Thank you for continuing to support this mission. Me and my friends have many hours in it. It is by far the most replayable mission in ARMA. The script for the older revive in Escape is available separately as NeoArmageddon's Revive: Is there any chance you will update this revive mod to the newer version (with the camera)? Would love to use it in missions but have almost no scripting experience. Cheers, BlackLabel