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  1. Tyler Tee H C

    FIX the DUOs issue ASAP

    Me and a friend tested the random match making yesterday and what do ya know ??? We was able to meet in game. That REALLY annoyed me. And NO, we didn't carry on and abuse it. I went to exit immediately in a huff!!!!! ?
  2. Tyler Tee H C


    The Kill and then ... This needs sorting. Any Devs even reading these posts ???
  3. Tyler Tee H C


    And after typing this out I decided to go again. And it crashed again. I’m not going to play this anymore until a patch is released this is becoming a joke.
  4. Tyler Tee H C

    Xbox Random Crashes

    Yeah the one I had tonight was exactly like the infamous PUBG crashes of 2018 lol locks up then a horrible noise then booted back to XBox Home screen. have you been locked into a loot drawer yet ??
  5. Tyler Tee H C


    I do enjoy this game but everyday there is a way that I lose about the same amount as I collect. And just now O have no idea what happened but I looted and got quite a bit of kit to get to stone pile to get out to find once I got to base that it had all gone!!! Not sure if you guys remember or heard of PUBG crashes ? Well just had one of them as well. The game freezes and then the sound of 1Million ZX Spectrums loading up at once and then crashes me to the XBox Home screen. Oh oh and I also got locked up in a loot drawer AGAIN!!! THI IS NOT A RANT. This is feedback. I might just start logging all items collected and all items lost in future. I have lost about 10 guns now and not one percent of those loses were to Losing gun fights or dying.
  6. Tyler Tee H C


    I must apologize I was super pissed when I started thius thread. This stuff is still happening andis ruining the game somewhat.
  7. Tyler Tee H C

    Tip needed for ads sensitivity

    P.S ALso try the above exercise in single shot and Auto alternatively to give you a feel for the spray patterns etc
  8. Tyler Tee H C

    Not sure I like ...

    When playing this game which I like the more Iplay, I notice therer is quite a substantial change in the audio dynamics of walking when going from third person into ADS it's so different it almost sounds like an enemy nearby. It's not game breaking but can't understand why the sound would change that drastically when in ADS proper. Best wishes.
  9. Tyler Tee H C

    Tip needed for ads sensitivity

    Go into your shooting range with weapons of choice. Then hit a Tin Can, and then a Bullseye Target, then a Tin Can, then a Target. Repeat over and over before an encounter, and then start mixing up the tin can, target scenario by either mixing it up a bit say left Can, right target. I like to play with ADS and right toggle clicked so I am not soft aiming I like to look down the barrell of my gun. ANd then try the same exercise above but then start moving between shots at the tin and then the target. Try to finish off hitting the higher targets at the end of the session. I found this not only helped me with gun fight accuracy, it also started my muscle memory for distances etc. But I stick by my reasoning of proper ADSing with the 9mm and 5.56 and single projectile munitions, but with the silver pigeon shotgun do the same exercise above but just use Soft aim. (third person aim) Hope this helps ?
  10. Tyler Tee H C

    VIGOR X FILES I think I just saw a Ghost ????

    I looked out that way and saw nothing, I got myself killed wondering where he went. It was well weird. Okay just got out played, but I expected him to come out the other side of the rock as he was sprinting but boof. Hats off to him then.
  11. Tyler Tee H C

    VIGOR X FILES I think I just saw a Ghost ????

    So what happened here then guys ??? Glitch ? Did he log out or something ?? Did he just disappear into the white out ? I am damn sure I see a man with a flat brimmed Hat on. And he runs past me and then vanishes into a puff of logic.
  12. Tyler Tee H C

    VIGOR X FILES I think I just saw a Ghost ????

    aw okay fair enough
  13. Tyler Tee H C

    So is it actually wiser to ...

    oh dont get me wrong I got for drops too ;)
  14. Tyler Tee H C

    VIGOR X FILES I think I just saw a Ghost ????

    pending approval >?
  15. Okay so was in a Game earlier,loving it the more I play it. And this happened to me ?!!!??? Where did he go ??? For some reason my streams are like potato Cam footage but go forward to 16 minutes 47 seconds and see it for yourself. He just plain disappeared in front of my eyes. X FILES CLICK HERE